Welcome to 2019. The era where 17-year-old girls with aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds make as much money as doctors. Where teenage YouTubers are driving Teslas and wearing exclusively brand name clothing. Formal education is no longer necessarily an asset, and the ways to make a name for yourself are growing with each new social media platform.

The bottom line: aesthetic. It is human nature to desire sensual pleasure, and successful Instagram influencers have taken advantage of that fact. All things pleasing to the human eye have been incorporated to create marvelous Instagram "feeds" in which the colors of each individual photo complement one another to create an all-around work of art. It surely gets you noticed, and it is a very powerful way to gain exposure, whether you are a business owner, an artist, an influencer, a traveler, a blogger, a creator, or simply just a dog lover.

It is not only Instagram that can take credit for this surge of aestheticism. YouTube videos of vast artistic composure have taken over the web and catapulted many overnight internet celebrities into the hearts of the public. Whether it be a sequence of their morning routine, an overview of their travels, or simply a play-by-play of their daily lives, many teenage high schoolers have surged into prominence through the use of artistic videography. Our visual and auditory senses are fulfilled by these "montages," and these artistic sequences have earned many regular people essential celebrity status.

Creating, compiling, editing, uploading. That is the routine of these social media influencers' lives. It seems almost unimaginable to many that a person's only responsibility in a day is to inform their Snapchat followers what they're up to. But traditional occupations are no longer the only way to earn a steady or even a large income. Society is steadily growing more non-conventional, creative, and digital. Combining aesthetic creativity with the resources of the time can grant one more success than they may imagine.

It is mind-boggling to some, maybe even angering to others the ways which we have evolved, but in my viewpoint, it is a beautiful thing that creativity and artistry are being celebrated in such a big way. For all of those who don't quite fit into a traditional school environment or who dread the concept of a desk job more than life itself, there are is now a world of amazing alternatives.

Maybe in this day and age, media majors, art enthusiasts, and college dropouts will be celebrated for everything else that they have to offer. For their differences, their crazy ideas, and their non-conventional viewpoints. People have proven that you don't have to be pre-med to be something in this world or to be respected by society. People are using their talents to make beautiful and unique things, and these things are being fully embraced. For all of this, I truly celebrate the era of aesthetic.