What We Can All Do For Our Environment
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What We Can All Do For Our Environment

“We abuse land because we see it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” ― Aldo Leopold

What We Can All Do For Our Environment

Everyone knows how harmful the effects of air pollution, water pollution, deforestation and other environmental issues can be on our planet, but how do we fix it? And how will we be able to fix it fast enough so future generations don’t end up living in a degenerate wasteland? From big name companies to the average Joe, we can all contribute to helping this problem and make sure it has minimal effect on daily living conditions. This past century, scientists have been researching on immense breakthroughs for various solutions on this issue, and governments have implemented certain laws to attempt to minimize chemical wastes that are dumped into water and polluted. However, most of these laws tend to be very broad where companies will use a sub-minimal attitude meaning they will only go the bare minimum in terms of being environmentally friendly, so the company can be more cost-effective. It is a government’s duty that we all live in a safe place, but this has failed us a few times already due to chemical leaks, nuclear waste production and pollution. As of now, I’m sure I am not the only one asking for stricter environmental laws on the government’s part where companies will not try to overlook them or find loopholes for the betterment of the company itself.

Now the most important thing for us is to contribute however much you can to this issue! Recycling is always the easiest go-to option to being Earth-friendly. Another good way to help out is to carpool or use the train. Try to get as much out of the HOV lane as possible. Using the train or bus is also a great way to unwind with a nice book or some music after your long day at work. To be completely honest, would you rather be stuck in rush hour traffic moving 3 miles per hour or would you prefer to just sit down and enjoy the view as you cruise through (these rhymes though) towards your destination? Fortunately, engineers are constantly finding a way to expand transits and make them more efficient, punctual and accessible. One big concern that hasn’t been accounted for on the internet (to the extent of my knowledge) is that recycling labels on items should be easier to find. Usually we see the label at the very bottom or back of the box along with the information we never take into consideration, like the bar code. The labels can also be quite small where it is barely noticeable and easily ignored. If the recycling companies are able to push for larger and more prominent recycling labels on packaging, I feel it will help to notice and make recycling a more widespread habit. These labels could also be organized more conspicuously as well between what type of recyclable item it is (paper product, plastic, aluminum, etc.). Along with this article (thank you for taking the time to look through It!), I would like for anyone and everyone to quickly sign this petition in order to have a standardized recycling label that is easy to read and quick to see. Recycle wisely!

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