Author's Note: I wrote this poem after going through a period of grief. It's hard to know what to do after you deal with pain and suffering. But you can't give up. You have to keep going. Otherwise what was the point? This poem deals with my emotions and thoughts during that time, hope you enjoy!!!

I am Envious of Dragons

I am envious of dragons

With their ability to soar and swoop

To bend and sway beneath the sky

I wish I had the ability to fly

For dragons are such strong creatures

Countless people have tried to slay them

And yet I watch them stand out against the dipping sun

Flying higher and higher till there's no end

So here I stand on top this cliff

Wishing for impossible things

That will never come ture

I guess I could jump

But that would be an honor-less death

It would be pointless to die now

Because if I have endured for this long

After all that I have suffered through

I can survive this

I may not have wings but I do have scales

I got them after tyrants tried to break me

For you see the more people hurt you

The stronger you become

After all the pain I suffered my skin became tough

And turned into scales

I now wear them as armour

After realizing I could shield my self from further torment I grew claws

Because I am no longer helpless

I can fight back

So what do I do now?

I once again look at the glorious creatures soaring above my head

What would they do in my shoes?

I know the answer

They would take off and fly

I edge towards the cliff's crumbling edge

As it begins to fade beneath my feet I take a deep breath

I close my eyes

And just as I start to fall I grow beautiful wings

I am no longer envious of dragons because I myself am one