The Nine Enneagram Types If They Were Tea
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The college student in me loves tea and the psychologist in me loves personality tests, so what's better than combining the two together and letting the world know the tea they should be indulging in based off of their Enneagram type.

1. Type 1: English Breakfast Tea

Type 1s, or better known as the reformer, are the most rational, realistic of all of the enneagram types. That being said, English breakfast tea is by far the most purposeful of the teas being used to both pack a punch with the caffeine that is notorious of a black tea and the universal nature of this tea. If you go to any tea room or tea time you're sure to find this to be one of the most popular teas being drank.

2. Type 2: Chamomile Tea

Type 2s are the helpers. Chamomile is the most fitting tea for them because it's a very pleasant tea that can please even the most dedicated of tea haters. This is the tea that, paired with a dash of honey, denotes the most care to the drinker. It soothes people to sleep and helps them to find comfort in times of stress.

3. Type 3: Earl Grey Tea

As the achievers, Type 3s are in need of a tea that is as driven and excelling as they are. Without a doubt that has to be Earl Grey. Another major similarity between both Earl Grey tea and type 3 is the fact that they are both very adaptable. You can drink Earl Grey plain or you can add some milk or cream to it and create a London Fog. The possibilities to the drinks you can make with this tea are endless just as the possibilities that come along with a type 3 person.

4. Type 4: Fruit Tea

Type 4s, better known as the individualists, are known to be the more expressive and dramatic of the types. That's the beauty of fruit teas. Whether it is hibiscus tea or lemon ginger tea fruit teas are the most expressive of all of the tea types. Not to mention, people either love or hate fruit teas because of their intensity and how they can be a little too much or too little for them.

5. Type 5: Loose Leaf Tea

Type 5s are known as the investigators because of their perceptive nature and their innovative way of thinking. This can also be said of loose leaf tea. When it comes to both loose leaf tea and type 5 personalities, it takes some time to really see beyond their exterior because they take work to uncover the secrets that lie within them. Either way they are both worth the effort needed to get the most out of them!

6. Type 6: Green Tea


As the loyalist personality types, type 6s are known for being committed to things. When it comes to green tea, you either love it or hate it, but once you're hooked on it you are captivated and don't want any other type of tea. Both green tea and type 6s are responsible. Green tea is known for its health benefits which is why a lot of times you will see it paired with a squeeze of lemon to help with sore throats.

7. Type 7: Sweet Tea

There is no tea that describes the enthusiast personality type better than sweet tea. Type 7s are known for their spontaneity and their fun-loving nature, and if that isn't sweet tea to a tee I'm not sure what is. Now, I known this is more of a southern thing, but every part of the country has some version of sweet tea which plays into the versatile nature of both sweet tea and type 7s.

8. Type 8: Chai Tea

Type 8s are known as the challengers because they are powerful and dominating in nature. This is exactly what chai tea is. Its spices are glorious and unexpected to those who have never tried it before. It only makes sense that a very confident tea represents the most self-confident of all of the enneagram types.

9. Type 9: Peppermint Tea

Type 9s, or the peacemakers, are known for their easygoing, reassuring, and agreeable nature. Now I know that a lot of people can be on the fence when it comes to peppermint tea, but at the need of the day it is one of the most relaxing and refreshing teas out there. There is no doubt in my mind that the reassuring nature of both peppermint tea and type 9s are meant to go together.

I don't pretend to be either a tea or enneagram connoisseur, but I do know that by my best estimations these are the most iconic teas that fit with each personality type based off of the enneagram. Does your type fit you? Let me know! Also, drink more tea no matter if it matches your personality or not because tea is life changing.

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