Enjoying One Moment At A Time

Enjoying One Moment At A Time

Live in the present. It's all we have.

Every day seems to be a race against the clock. We, especially as Americans and students and workers, divide up our time. We are always on a strict schedule with no chance for alterations or spontaneity. We have a routine. Most days are the same, and when we change them up to go to that party or attend that meeting, we write it in on our calendar weeks in advance so we may better allot our time.

We’re rushed. Traveling from place to place, frustration rises to the surface and threatens to burst at the seams with each red light. I’m late. I’ll be fired. I’ll get a detention. My friends will think I’m rude. I’m ruined.

It’s stressful, it’s boring, and I’m sick of it. This in and out, get up, do the things you normally do, go to sleep. We always can’t wait for this day to be over so we can get to the next so that one can be over so we can get to the weekend. But I’ve had enough.

We shouldn’t wish our days away. We shouldn’t want the day to be over. The night will just overwhelm us as we wake up to repeat the same thing each day.

Yes, I may be a dreamer, but I’m not impractical. I know we can’t all quit our jobs or drop out of school just to restructure our daily lives. We can’t just take a vacation to the beach for a week. Money has to be made, jobs have to kept, and a random vacation is far from any type of panacea for the boredom and monotony we face.

Sometimes we just have to slow down. Breathe. It’s hard. I’m a high-strung and easily stressed person. I know it’s hard. But it’s time to try. It’s time to take up my parents on the invitation to talk to them even when I would normally be doing my homework at that hour. I refuse to push my friends aside when they’re hurting even if it means losing some sleep. Maybe I’ll take more of my afternoons to talk to my brother when I would usually stand around chatting with my friends.

Everything has its time and its place, but nothing in our daily lives has to be so constant, so stagnant and immobile. We’re human beings. We deserve to take time to ourselves, to slow down and enjoy life for what it is and what it can be. We deserve serenity, a love for our present instead of a dread for our future.

Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr

God grant me the serenity

To accept the things I cannot change;

Courage to change the things I can;

And wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;

Enjoying one moment at a time;

Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;

Taking, as He did, this sinful world

As it is, not as I would have it;

Trusting that He will make all things right

If I surrender to His Will;

So that I may be reasonably happy in this life

And supremely happy with Him

Forever and ever in the next.


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I'm The Girl Without A 'Friend Group'

And here's why I'm OK with it


Little things remind me all the time.

For example, I'll be sitting in the lounge with the people on my floor, just talking about how everyone's days went. Someone will turn to someone else and ask something along the lines of, "When are we going to so-and-so's place tonight?" Sometimes it'll even be, "Are you ready to go to so-and-so's place now? Okay, we'll see you later, Taylor!"

It's little things like that, little things that remind me I don't have a "friend group." And it's been like that forever. I don't have the same people to keep me company 24 hours of the day, the same people to do absolutely everything with, and the same people to cling to like glue. I don't have a whole cast of characters to entertain me and care for me and support me. Sometimes, especially when it feels obvious to me, not having a "friend group" makes me feel like a waste of space. If I don't have more friends than I can count, what's the point in trying to make friends at all?

I can tell you that there is a point. As a matter of fact, just because I don't have a close-knit clique doesn't mean I don't have any friends. The friends I have come from all different walks of life, some are from my town back home and some are from across the country. I've known some of my friends for years, and others I've only known for a few months. It doesn't really matter where they come from, though. What matters is that the friends I have all entertain me, care for me, and support me. Just because I'm not in that "friend group" with all of them together doesn't mean that we can't be friends to each other.

Still, I hate avoiding sticking myself in a box, and I'm not afraid to seek out friendships. I've noticed that a lot of the people I see who consider themselves to be in a "friend group" don't really venture outside the pack very often. I've never had a pack to venture outside of, so I don't mind reaching out to new people whenever.

I'm not going to lie, when I hear people talking about all the fun they're going to have with their "friend group" over the weekend, part of me wishes I could be included in something like that. I do sometimes want to have the personality type that allows me to mesh perfectly into a clique. I couldn't tell you what it is about me, but there is some part of me that just happens to function better one-on-one with people.

I hated it all my life up until very recently, and that's because I've finally learned that not having a "friend group" is never going to be the same as not having friends.

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Poetry On The Odyssey: You Don't Control Me

If I could speak to my anxiety, here is what I'd say.



You have controlled my life for way too long.

My constant fears hold me back from so many things I want to be able to do.

Your presence makes me a person I don't want to be.

You make me feel scared and alone when I know that I am not alone.

You don't control me.

I am not free to be myself when you are around.

There is no use for you, and you should be ashamed for making me feel sick, nervous, fearful, not good enough.

You have been a little monster, harboring inside of me for my whole life.

Whispering "You can't do that" in my ear when I dare to get out of my comfort zone.

You don't control me.

I am fully capable of doing great things and living without you.

I have a wonderful support system of people who believe in me and help me crush you every day as you deserve.

I will be brave, be bold, enjoy life more.

This is me saying "Sayonara Anxiety."

You don't control me.

I am going to take my life back from your filthy grip.

I am going to live the life I've dreamt of.

I am going to be adventurous and take risks.

I am going to be myself.

You don't control me.

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