When people think of engineers, they typically think of people who are good at math and science. They’re not wrong, but there’s more than that. Each engineering discipline is unique. Here are some memes to communicate that and hopefully brighten your day.

1. Civil Engineers

Ah, CivEs. They make up one of the oldest forms of engineering.

According to Urban Dictionary, civil engineering is "a disease which may end up with your health, prevents one from sleeping, an infinite deadline, a little insect which crawls under your skull and eats the pigment of your hairs turning them into white hairs, a killer, a magnet to a screen, a nerdator, process which may cause one's eyesight to deteriorate and make one lose their memory."

2. Mechanical Engineers

MechEs! A lot of people believe that MechEs just work with gears, but they are so much more than that.

Urban Dictionary claims that mechanical engineers are "the sexiest people on the face of the planet earth." I would beg to differ.

3. Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineers are highly paid and well respected among the engineering community. According to Urban Dictionary, they are people who "signed up for 4-5 years of insanity", which may explain a lot.

4. Biomedical Engineers

BMEs are a part of a very new and innovative branch of engineering. They can do so much with their degree to help others and make the world a better place to live in.

It's like having a medical degree and an engineering degree all in one! It's like they signed up for DOUBLE the insanity.

5. Aerospace Engineers

These guys are going to be working for NASA one day, and potentially be giving us the tools to explore different worlds.

These engineers are essential for the space frontier. Naturally, they are defined as "pretty much the smartest people out there".

6. Chemical Engineers

ChemEs! Whether it's creating new medicines or designing new products, these guys are changing the world.

Urban Dictionary explains ChemEs as people "who sold their soul to hours upon hours of endless studying and crying because they want to make bank starting out of college".

7. Computer Engineers

From hardware to software, these engineers had a hand in making the device you are reading this article from RIGHT NOW.

In fact, Urban Dictionary calls computer engineering "a college major that will make you hate your life, your friends, computers, electronics, and anything remotely enjoyable about your life".