12 Thoughts Thoughts Everyone Has At The End Of The School Year

12 Thoughts Thoughts Everyone Has At The End Of The School Year

The end of the school year is coming, and so is all of the homework, tests, and finals that come along with it.


The end of the school year is coming, and we all know what that means: No motivation to do anything. Homework seems optional and taking notes during class seems like just a repetitive task that happens on a daily basis. The end of the school year is truly a tough thing to grind through, but it is just a part of life. Finals week is probably marked down in all of our calendars as some of the worst weeks of our lives. We all have to remember what comes after finals week though: summer. Summer is the end goal, and the image we need to keep in our minds as we run this marathon we call the school year. We are almost to the finish line - Now, it is time to just finish off the school year, no matter how miserable it makes us.

1. When you find out you have finals in all of your classes.

2. When your teacher makes a 10-page paper due the day of your final.

3. When your mom tells you it's time for school, again.

4. When you are sitting in class, planning out all the studying you are going to do that night but then later sit down to study and realize you have no motivation to do anything.

5. When you get your first final.

6. When a teacher doesn't round your grade up at the end of the year.

7. When you realize you only know half of the answers on your final, but it is the last final before summer.

8. When you just aren't feeling school.

9. When you realize that there aren't always going to be finals and school years to dread.

11. When your teacher asks you to pass in the last homework assignment.

12. When your last final is done.

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