Internalized misogyny is when a person forms a negative attitude about their own gender based on stereotypes and others' beliefs. There are many ways women participate in sexism, but it's not based on voluntary beliefs.

From the time we are girls, we are taught that there are separate standards set for men and women, and we just have to accept that. We are taught that there is an appropriate way for ladies to act, and through those beliefs, we have raised a society of women who look down upon themselves and other women for being human. There are many ways we can start to rebuild and change the view of women.

It's time to stop the name calling. Whore, slut, and hoe are all words that reaffirm the belief that women shouldn't be allowed to explore their sexuality. It's not up to anyone else to determine what you do in your sex life, and it's not fair to call a woman a demeaning name simply for having basic needs.

Stop saying a female is a bitch simply because she speaks a belief that is different from yours, or because she is assertive. Women shouldn't have to hear hateful words from anyone, and as women, we need to make sure it doesn't come from us.

Society and the media have set up traditional beauty standards, which tend to favor thin women. When women who don't fit the box of traditional beauty try modeling, some women choose comment negatively on their body, which continues the cycle of poor body image.

Instead of saying something hateful, choose to spread positivity, because it will help your own self-esteem way more than negativity. It's also important to note that American beauty standards tend to lean towards the appearances on white women, and often frowns upon cultural differences in makeup and hair. We should embrace all cultures' definitions of beauty, rather than make one the definition.

We need to stand together as women, and fight for each other, rather than against each other. We should stop making life a competition of who is the most beautiful, smart, or charming, and appreciate each other for all those qualities. I didn't write this to blame you or act like I am innocent. We are all guilty of some of these actions, but if we are knowledgeable of the effects, then we are way closer to creating a more healthy and happy sisterhood.