Encouraging Words For The Discouraged Human

Encouraging Words For The Discouraged Human

You need to be your biggest supporter.

Sometimes life does not work in our favor.

Actually, life rarely works in our favor. This unfortunate truth can sometimes go on and on until we lose every ounce of optimism we once had. That sounds awfully depressing, and it really can be. When a series of negative events occur, it can often leave us feeling mentally and physically drained. We all experience this, some of us more than others. When it does happen, it can sometimes be difficult to see anything past it.

If you have an amazing support system like I do, then you are constantly reminded of how truly amazing you are and that life is simply what make you of it. And if you don't, then that's perfectly okay too. I hope I can offer you some encouraging words to help raise you from your lows.

Balance is key. Focus on your education, your career, your friends and family, but most importantly, focus on yourself and what helps contribute to your happiness.

Your challenges and experiences are preparing you for the rest of your life. You should never allow yourself to accept the easy way out of anything.

Life is not meant to be easy. Life is difficult, frustrating, and interesting.

Stop thinking of what you could have done better, because the 'what if's' will drive you crazy. Be proud of all that you have accomplished and will continue to accomplish.

It is okay to not know exactly who you are. We learn new things about ourselves everyday.

A good night's sleep can fix almost anything. Always keep sleep as a priority.

Do not stress about the things that you cannot change. Focus on the things that you have control over and have the ability to improve.

You are never alone. Not yesterday, not today and not tomorrow. You will always have someone wanting and hoping the best for you.

Strive everyday to be your best self, which includes constantly working towards a positive mindset.

You need to be your biggest supporter. No matter how difficult it might be, you need to love yourself and remind yourself of your worth and value.

It is also essential that you realize how okay it is, to not be okay. Sometimes we feel sad, upset, overwhelmed, stressed, confused, and unsure. And that is all okay.

As my mama once told me:

"The passion you have for what you do is what makes you good at what you do. That same passion can be powerful and can throw you off balance, leaving you vulnerable. Call it luck, faith, or destiny, but when you follow your heart and throw yourself into what you want and believe in, you have the best chance of realizing your dreams, reaching your goals, and finding the happiness you deserve."

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5 Important Reasons To Love Yourself

Loving yourself: It's the key to happiness.


I've noticed I struggle with this immensely at times. I am SO good at loving others. I would go to the ends of the earth for the people I care about. But when it comes to myself... I fall short. This is such a sad thing, and I realize that. It IS possible to love others more than yourself, but the extent that you do can be unhealthy.

You are worthy of the same love you extend to the world, never forget that.

You are the only "you" out there.

I know people say this a lot and it seems extremely cliché, but it's so true. Not one person in this world has the same amazing qualities that you possess as a person. Your make-up and what makes you "you" is unlike anyone else. People can say, "Well I'm a good listener but so are a lot of other people." But funny thing is, you being a good listener isn't necessarily what makes you so special. It's your ability to combine that with all the other strengths that only YOU have. No one is like you. Embrace all the things about you that make you unique.

God made you exactly the way you are.

You were carefully created and knit together with every little detail in mind. Your beauty, personality, quirky habits, and gifts you possess are something that God planned on from the beginning as he was making you. He knew this world NEEDED someone like you. Someone with your kind eyes and loving heart. Someone with a gentle spirit and patient mind. Someone with all the qualities that combine together to make only ONE you. This world would be so different and dull without you. Do you realize that? That's the impact you make. That's the importance you have. How cool is that? That God made you especially, personally, and with a unique purpose. How you were created sets you apart from the rest. You should love the "you" that was so thoughtfully put together because not one thing about you is worthy of change.

You are your biggest fan.

At the end of the day, we are our biggest fans. We are responsible for motivating ourselves, supporting our dreams, pushing ourselves to be better, and loving ourselves genuinely. I can honestly say for myself, that when I have my mind set on something, it isn't changing. All of the people I love and care about could say something else, but at the end of the day, I am the only one I will remain true to if it's important to me. Because deep down we know we all must fill our hearts with the things we personally want and need that are best for us.

That starts with being kind to yourself and pushing yourself in healthy and encouraging ways. You are your biggest supporter. You are your biggest cheerleader. Celebrate your wins. Love yourself for your hard work. Motivate and cheer on your successes and accomplishments the same way you would a friend; because at the end of the day when everyone may disappoint you, you'll always have YOU to trust and appreciate. That is so important.

Everyone else does.

This is a big one. We are so good at discrediting ourselves. It's funny too, because we all have people in our lives that appreciate us and love us, showing us that love, but we can't seem to do the same for ourselves. Weird isn't it? That we are constantly shown that we are worthy of love by our family, friends, co-workers, or peers, and we still don't believe we deserve it at times. We don't love ourselves the same way that others love us. It's so sad. Because we deserve that.

Those who surround us show us how important we are, so why can't we recognize it ourselves? It's because we have a wall up protecting us from us. And letting ourselves in sometimes can honestly be one of our biggest struggles. The harshness of our own words can scar us. It can leave us blind to simple gestures of outside love, and completely deaf to our own. But the importance of building yourself up and utilizing all of the things that make you "you," instead of tearing them down, will break those barriers and allow you to see yourself for how you truly are: fearfully and wonderfully made.

You can accomplish anything. 

Once we can get past the barriers of protection and walls that we have built up, we can finally see our true selves. The selves that make us incredibly special and talented at whatever we aim to achieve in life. We see ourselves from a lens of beauty and appreciation, and we are able to love ourselves genuinely. Once we attain this ability, we can accomplish all of the things that we've wanted to before, but couldn't. It's freeing. It's a whole new perspective. And it saves us. Because once we have this power of self-love, nothing can drag us.

We open up a source of love that is abundant and overflowing. It is confident and strong. And it carries us. Because I think a huge part of loving yourself is believing in yourself. Believing that you are strong, beautiful, kind, and courageous. Believing that you are worthy. Because you are, and you always have been. You just have to find it within yourself. And once you understand this, you will be unstoppable. Nothing can break you down. Nothing can slow your motivation. You can love freely and without self-conviction, you can dream big and make it happen, and you can be so much more than you ever thought possible. In order to live the life you deserve, you have to love yourself the way you deserve. Wholly and without restraint.

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