I've Had Encounters With Spirits Part 2
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I've Had Encounters With Spirits Part 2

Unreal for real.

I've Had Encounters With Spirits Part 2
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If you have not read part 1, that’s okay. (I still suggest you do though, if you enjoy a good paranormal experience story). If you recall, in I’ve Had Encounters With Spirits Part 1, I told you some of the earliest experiences I had without trying to. Here in part 2, I am going to tell you about some experiences while intentionally going to “haunted” places where spirits had been reported.

I had a couple guy friends that lived in this old house in Paulding County. They periodically told me stories in which seemed like paranormal experiences. Mentioning that while sitting in the living room, a can on the table suddenly fell off and dropped to the floor. Neither one knocked the can over and claimed that there was no large movements at the time. Other experiences included feelings of someone else in the room while one was home alone. Another story told was one night while sleeping on the couch, he was awoke but confused. Looking at the window, he saw what seemed to be a lady with dark hair floating by the window looking out it. These encounters were intriguing. What made this house even more unique was that, coincidentally, it happened to be my great-grandmother’s house.

My one friend’s mom also is interested in the paranormal. It was one of the guys living in the house so he asked her if she would come over and see if she could make any connections with what was happening. She invited my mother and I along and as curious as we were, we had to go. She brought with her a K2, EMF (electromagnetic field) meter, camera, and a mini Maglite. The mini Maglite is what impressed me the most. Here is an idea of how this works. You turn the Maglite top so that it is loose but still off. You have to make sure that you hit around the light to be positive that no sudden physical movement, like a step, could trigger it to on. Once you are sure of these two things, you leave it sit there. Alone. You do not touch it. You do nothing. Leaving the light up to the supernatural to communicate with you.

Let’s be honest, I was a total skeptic that this “method” was ever going to work. Some people chuckle when explained about this process. But let me tell you from first-hand experience. As you are sitting there, asking questions such as “Is there any spirits here with us and if so please use the energy from us or in the room to turn on this flashlight?”, and all of a sudden that flashlight bursts on, you feel nothing but goosebumps run on your body. Once you make this first contact with the spirits in the room, you can then use the flashlight as a medium to find out more about them. In our case, we enjoy asking questions including: “Are you a male spirit, if yes, turn on the flashlight.” “If you are a relative to someone in this room, please turn on the flashlight”, etc. This helps to build a connection and have an idea of what kind of entity you may be encountering.

So back to this night, in my great-grandmother’s house. We sat this flashlight on a chair in the living room and asked a couple questions. Nothing had happened for about the first twenty minutes. We continued with other conversation in the meanwhile, thinking there may not be anything there. As the K2 meter started picking up a signal and lighting up between the yellow and red, we asked again if there was anyone else there with us. This time the Maglite lit up. It wasn’t just like a little light that you may have thought your eyes tricked you. This thing was full-on, lit up. My friend’s mom kept asking if it was my great-grandmother, Elizabeth, that was there with us. Each time she asked, nothing happened. My mom then suggested to ask if it was Wanda, who would have been my grandmother that grew up in the house. As soon as this question was asked the Maglite shined bright. Having this connection was something different than I had ever experienced before. This night was a peaceful one as the responses seemed encouraging and non-harming. It was if there was someone there looking over the current residents in the house. After a long night of excitement and intriguing circumstances, we wrapped up and talked about how we would have to go back and see if we could connect again.

A few weeks later we met up again to investigate and further connect with the supernatural. This night continued on to be an interesting one. Especially intense for me. I never really thought about me being able to “feel” or connect with the supernatural, but that night I felt it. It was something surreal. For a while, everything seemed to be calm and okay. As we asked more questions though, I had this feeling over me that was extremely uncomfortable. My ears began having a burning sensation. The answers to the questions were no longer something I would consider friendly. Demanding that the lights in the house be turned on and no one continue asking questions. They did so, asking me what was going on. Here is when we have different opinions of what happened. I recalled just not feeling well and wanting to be done and go home. I stated that I felt something bad was with us and that I just didn’t want to talk about. I remember staying calm and staring at the floor. What they later told me was not the same story. They said that I had this look that I didn’t feel good but my eyes were fixated. Supposedly I was being mean and actually yelled at my friend’s mom. Stating “stop or I’m going to hit you.” Something I certainly would never say. They said this lasted just a couple minutes before I calmed down and wanted to leave. Whichever happened, it was not something normal for me. When my mom and I got home, I went into bathroom to check my shoulder because it felt achy. On the back of my left shoulder there were a couple red scratches. Coincidence? I can’t tell you. Weird? For sure. I took pictures of the scratches and later thought they looked like initials. I never made any connections for the initials, but it was an encounter I will never forget.

This experience put rest to my ghost hunting for quite some time. That time did come to an end though, stay tuned for I’ve Had Encounters With Spirits Part 3 where you may even get a peak at a video of the flashlight.

Here is the picture of the scratches. They are not the easiest to see, but it can be easier to notice if you tilt your screen or phone. What we made out the initials to be was JAL.

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