Preparing For Grey's Anatomy Season 15

"Grey's Anatomy" is now entering its fifteenth season on ABC. That's a lot of seasons.

More than that, it's been a lot of drama. I mean, what more can possibly happen to Meredith Grey? She's literally been through every horrible thing imaginable and is still holding her head high.

I mean, she should probably be handling her trauma in a more healthy manner, but that's a different article for a different day.

Before you get too invested into this next season, take a minute to prepare yourself. Deep breath. No season of Grey's has gone by without something happening. We're gonna need to emotionally prep ourselves for anything Shonda Rhimes decides to throw our way.

Be prepared for death. Be prepared for heartbreak. Be prepared for good stuff too. Be prepared for anything.

1. Buy some tissues


Tissues are essential. If you've watched Grey's for any amount of time you know you're going to cry. Maybe more than once per episode. The tears will flow. You will need tissues.

2. Find "your person" to watch with you


Everyone needs their "person." Who's yours? Do they like Grey's Anatomy too? If so, watch it together! Grey's Anatomy is better together anyway.

3. Review the past few seasons


To rewatch all 14 seasons again is a little ambitious. Maybe just read a synopsis of the seasons online to remind yourself what happened so you'll know where the story left off. Or at least rewatch Season 14. It's a good one.

4. Make predictions


Season 14 left us with so many questions! Make your predictions as to what will happen. Will Meredith find love again? Will Jackson become a Christian? How has Richard survived so many seasons when we lost George back in Season 5? Still bitter over that one. George deserved more.

5. Put on the waterproof mascara


Like I said, you're gonna cry. Just make sure you're well prepared.

6. Stop thinking about Patrick Dempsey


Just stop. He's not coming back. Yes, we miss him. Yes, McDreamy was Meredith's one true love, but her love can't bring him back! And neither can Shonda Rhimes. We can only hope and pray Mer finds someone close.

7. Stop thinking about Sandra Oh


Stop thinking about her too! While she's not dead, she's been gone quite a few seasons now. I'm afraid we might not see any more of her. Try not to get your hopes up. Sorry.

8. Make a playlist you can "dance it out" to


The most important thing to do before you can endure the brutal nature of Grey's Anatomy is to be prepared to "dance it out." If things get worse this season, we can always dance. That makes it all better, right?

Brace yourself. This season could be quite a whirlwind, but you'll be well prepared to handle the ups and downs. If Meredith can handle drowning, a bomb, a shooting, a plane crash, and losing her husband, then you can handle a dramatic television show. It's a beautiful day to watch Grey's.

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