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10 Emmy Award Winning Comedies You Need To Watch Right This Minute

The Emmys awards are held every year, but they announce one TV show to come out on top as best comedy series of the year.


I have been fascinated by comedy, at one point even wanting to become a comedian or get into comedy from a young age. Over the years I have watched countless shows, but comedy shows are ones I gravitate more. There are so many good comedy shows over the years, but there can only be one winner for best comedy series for the Emmys every year. This is a list of the top ten best Emmy award-winning comedy series that you should watch!

1. "The Office"

the office

"The Office" won an Emmy for best comedy series back in 2006 for most outstanding comedy series. "The Office" is a fake documentary that centers on a paper company, Dunder Mifflin and daily activities that happen in the office. The show is hilarious and every character has their quirks and personal styles that make each character unique and funny. This show I have seen too many times all the way through, but each time I still love it. This show is one of my favorite Emmy award-winning comedy series to date.

2. "Seinfeld"


Often called the best sitcom of all time. "Seinfeld," one of the most successful and profitable tv shows to date, but it is for a reason. This tv show ran from 1989-1998 and won only one Emmy for best comedy series in 1993. The show was created by legendary writer Larry David and comedian Jerry Seinfeld. The show revolves around Jerry Seinfeld and his life with his friends while living in New York City during the 90s. The show is filled with gags and jokes that are outright hilarious. This is one of my favorite show, but many people my age haven't seen Seinfeld. This is a show I highly suggest to watch.

3. "Fraiser"


"Fraiser" is a great sitcom show that is based in Seattle where Fraiser Crane, a radio host, and psychotherapist who helps people deal with their problems on air. He lives in a gorgeous apartment with his father. The show also has Fraiser's brother who always comes to visit. The show won best comedy series five years in a row, from 1994-1998. I started watching this show not having many expectations going into, but after becoming invested in the show, I fell in love. The show is filled with witty, goofy, but yet charming characters throughout. This show was great and is definitely worth all the awards it received.

4. "Modern Family"

modern family

This show has been going on since 2009 and doesn't show ending anytime soon. The shows have now been on for ten seasons and from 2009-2014 the show won best comedy series for six years in a row. The shows revolve around a family in Southern California and the shenanigans the family gets themselves into. The show itself has received a critical response as being the best comedy series of the 2010s. The show is filled with great laughter and hilarious situations the characters are in. This show was one of the first shows I started watching religiously.

5. "Friends"

friends tv

Who doesn't enjoy "Friends?" Most kids my age have seen friends or heard about it. The show ran for ten seasons and as the seasons went on, the show was better. The show's cast went on to have very successful careers after the show was over. The show is based in New York and focuses on a group of friends who are trying to makes ends meet in the biggest city in the country. The show was so successful, it went on to win the Emmy of the best comedy in 2002. I have enjoyed watching this show, seeing the show at one time. I really had a great time watching the show and had great chuckles throughout.

6. "Arrested Development"

arrested development

"Arrested Development" is a masterpiece of a show, the show had a short run, but the impact the show made in the comedy-drama is tremendous. The show ran only ran a short time from 2003-2006 compared to the other shows on the list. The show won the Emmy for best comedy in 2004. Even though the show ran for a short time it was filled with laughter, witty remarks, great and funny pop culture messages that you cannot help but laugh.

7. "Everybody Loves Raymond"

everybody loves raymond

Yet another great sitcom on this list, "Everybody Loves Raymond" had a great run spanning from 1996-2005. The show received many accolades throughout the run, including Best Comedy Series in 2003 and 2005. The show had a great cast that knew how to make an audience laugh. The show created laughs and had me even laughing until it hurts in some episodes. My parents got me into this show while I was young, but I never really invested in the show as some others on the list. But even while watching it I was thrilled while watching it.

8. "Cheers"


This list is filled with a lot of sitcoms, but no other show had a bigger impact than "Cheers" did. "Cheers" ran from 1982-1993 and had an overall of eleven seasons throughout it's over decade long run. The show eventually went on to win three Emmy's. The show became as big as any other show can during the time it is on air. The show had a stacked cast, many people from the show went on with a successful career. I became really invested into this show and had great laughs throughout the series.

9.  "I Love Lucy"

i love lucy

This is a show that changed television and had more influence than any other shows on this list. "I Love Lucy" was a show that ran in the mid-1950s to the early 1960s. The show was one of the first of it's kind for television. The show went on to win two Emmy's for best comedy. For me personally, I have never really watched the show, but the impact and the way comedy series are viewed on TV after the show aired on TV. "I Love Lucy" deserves to be on this list.

10. "Will and Grace"

will and grace

In the eight original seasons run for this groundbreaking sitcom, the show was on top of the world. Winning multiple awards for the actor and even as a show. The show took home best Emmy for a comedy series in 2000. This show deserves more for how funny and how brilliant the wiring for the show is. The show continues to run today and has no plan of stopping soon. The show is based in New York and focuses on "Will and Grace," two roommates who like to get into bad situations with each other. The show is great and filled with hilarious gags, but even though I haven't watched much of it I still think it's worth the watch.

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36 Rules Of Life From 'NCIS's' Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Sometimes we all need a smack on the back of the head.

I have been watching "NCIS" since the show began back in 2003, and season 15 will be airing this September. It is one of the longest running series and for a good reason, even though a lot of your favorite characters die off in the show they somehow still keep it alive. Anyone who has watched an episode or more knows about the infamous Gibbs's rules. Here's the list that we can gather from the many episodes:

Rule 1: "Never let suspects stay together." - revealed in the Season 1 premiere episode, Yankee White (episode).

Rule 2: "Never screw over your partner." - revealed in the Season 4 episode, Blowback (episode). McGee also stated this rule to Ned Dorneget in Need to Know (episode). McGee also mentioned to Abigail Borin in Ships in the Night (episode) that rule number one has been taken twice, showing that he knows that there are two number one rules.

Rule 3: "Always wear gloves at a crime scene." - revealed in "Yankee White."

Rule 4: "Don't believe what you're told. Double check." - again revealed in "Yankee White."

Rule 5: "Never be unreachable." - revealed in the Season 3 episode, Deception (episode) although Gibbs has been known to be intentionally unreachable. The rule was shown in Rule Fifty-One (episode) in the background when Gibbs opens the box.

Rule 6: "The best way to keep a secret? Keep it to yourself. Second best? Tell one other person - if you must. There is no third best." - revealed in the Season 4 episode, Blowback (episode)

Rule 7: "You don't waste good." - revealed in the Season 8 episode, Baltimore (episode).

Rule 8: "Never say you're sorry. It's a sign of weakness." - This rule has been mentioned throughout the series, but it wasn't given a specific number until Flesh and Blood (episode). The rule is also a direct reference to John Wayne's catch phrase in "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" (John Ford, Director). Wayne said: "Never apologize, mister, it's a sign of weakness." to subordinates in a military situation. DiNozzo notes the connection in Hiatus Part 1 (episode). Mark Harmon's career has paralleled John Wayne's. They both were quarterback of their southern California college football team, both went into acting. (Harmon's father, Tom Harmon, was a Heisman Trophy-winner and actor & announcer as well.) Note: This is continuously told to Tony, Ziva and Tim through a smack to the back of their heads.

Rule 9: "Always be specific when you lie." - revealed in the Season 1 finale episode, Reveille (episode).

Rule 10: "Never take anything for granted." - revealed in the Season 3 episode, Probie (episode) although Gibbs also quotes it as being "Never assume" during the Season 9 episode, Rekindled (episode).

Rule 11: "Never go anywhere without a knife." - revealed in the Season 1 episode, One Shot, One Kill (episode)although it's sometimes quoted as "Never leave home without a knife" or "Always carry a knife."

Rule 12: "Never get personally involved in a case." - revealed in the Season 7 episode, Obsession (episode) and again referenced by the new SECNAV Clayton Jarvis in the Season 9 premiere episode, Nature of the Beast (episode) as the number one rule in Washington politics.

Rule 13: "When the job is done, walk away." - revealed in the Season 6 episode, Semper Fidelis (episode).

Rule 14: "Never date a co-worker." - revealed in the Season 1 episode, Enigma (episode).

Rule 15: "Never, ever involve lawyers." - revealed in "Collateral Damage." Rule 51 is written on the back of the card containing Rule 13 in "Rule Fifty-One."

Rule 16: "Bend the line, don't break it." - revealed in Anonymous was a Woman (episode).

Rule 17: "Always work as a team." - revealed in Leap of Faith (episode).

Rule 18: "If someone thinks they have the upper hand, break it." - revealed in the Season 8 finale episode, Pyramid (episode).

Rule 19: "Never, ever interrupt Gibbs during an interrogation." - revealed in the Season 14 episode, Privileged Information (episode).

Rule 20: "It's better to seek forgiveness than ask permission." - revealed in Silver War (episode).

Rule 21: "Always look under." - revealed in The Artful Dodger (episode)

Rule 22: "Never ever bother Gibbs in interrogation." - revealed in Smoked (episode).

Rule 23: "Never mess with a Marine's coffee... if you want to live."- revealed during "Forced Entry."

Rule 24: "There are two ways to follow someone. First way, they never notice you. Second way, they only notice you." - Jack Knife (episode) and "Rule Fifty-One."

Rule 25: "When you need help, ask." - revealed during Blood Brothers (episode).

Rule 26: "Always watch the watchers." - revealed in "Baltimore."

Rule 27: "If you feel like you are being played, you probably are." - revealed in Nature of the Beast (episode).

Rule 28: "Your case, your lead." - revealed in Bounce (episode) placing Tony as temporarily in charge of the team, and also in Phoenix (episode) with Ducky as leader.

Rule 29: "There is no such thing as coincidence." - revealed in Obsession (episode) although DiNozzo states that Rule 39A is "There is no such thing as a small world" during Canary (episode).

Rule 30: "If it seems like someone is out to get you, they are." - revealed in Borderland (episode).

Rule 31: "Never accept an apology from someone who just sucker punched you." - revealed in Psych Out (episode).

Rule 32: "First things first, hide the women and children." - This rule number was mentioned in Patriot Down (episode) but was not stated until Rule Fifty-One (episode).

Rule 33: "Clean up the mess that you make." - revealed in "Rule Fifty-One" although it's also stated as "Never leave behind loose ends" in Hiatus Part 2 (episode).

Rule 34: "Sometimes you're wrong." - Created by Gibbs in Rule Fifty-One" by writing it on the back of the card containing Rule 13. It is unknown if his coworkers are aware of this rule.

Rule 35: "Always give people space when they get off an elevator." - revealed in Double Back (episode)

Rule 36: "Never trust a woman who doesn't trust her man." - revealed in Devil's Triangle (episode).

While some seem to deal with Gibbs only there are some very great life lessons present. If you haven's started watching "NCIS" I suggest you start soon, it is all on Netflix.

"A slap to the face is an insult - a slap to the back of the head is a wake-up call." Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Cover Image Credit: CBS TV / Twitter

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Gypsy Rose Is A Victim And Should NOT Be In Prison For Her Mother's Murder

Watch "The Act," and you will know why!


By now, everyone has heard of the new Hulu show called "The Act" which is centered around the case of Gypsy Rose Blanchard whose mother forced her to be sick in order to get money and sympathy, so she and her boyfriend ended up killing her and are now serving time in prison.

She and her mother were the center of many news stories. They went on a lot of charity trips through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and they also received a lot of generous donations from strangers. Her mother claimed that she had all of these conditions, and what is scary is that everyone easily believed her.

One of the first times I had ever heard of this case was through this Buzzfeed article. It was very detailed and very scary as well that a parent would do that to her child when most parents hope for their kids to be happy and healthy.

Of course some people are quick to blame Gypsy because yes murder is bad, however, she sadly felt like this was her only way to escape her abusive mother. She had tried to escape, but her mother always found out and she ended up back in her arms.

I recently watched a documentary with her in it called "Mommy Dead and Dearest"—it was on HBO, but you can always find it somewhere on YouTube—where they have interviews with her family, people who knew her, and Gypsy herself.

After reading the whole story, I can't believe that a mother would do that, but it is believed that she had Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

This mother was taking her daughter to the emergency room for little things such as a cough or a scraped knee trying to convince doctors that she had something wrong with her when in reality she was perfectly fine.

While the mother is to blame for what happened, the doctors weren't any better either. If they didn't find anything wrong with Gypsy then maybe they should have called the police on her mother or refuse to treat Gypsy because there was nothing wrong with her. I always wonder how her mother was able to get away with it for so long. I thought with the doctors' training that they would be able to spot a fake illness and report it to the police right away.

If you have Hulu, I would recommend watching "The Act." While it may not be all accurate, as most true crime shows are dramatized, it does bring awareness to this condition and Gypsy's story. I would also recommend watching the documentary as well, whether you have HBO or you find it on YouTube, it is worth your time to know the full story.

Here is hoping that Gypsy is able to get an early release and can have a normal life that her mom robbed her of.

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