Every person has flaws, and nobody is perfect. Even those models you see on the runway or on Instagram aren't perfect, no matter how much you may think they are. We all have insecurities and that's just part of living in this judgemental day and age in America. But the more you love yourself and what you've been given, the more you learn to appreciate what you have.

I used to look at everybody around me and wish I looked like them and had what they did. I constantly was complaining about my body and putting myself down. Over time, I started to understand that the fact of the matter was nobody is perfect and what you see isn't always the truth.

We've all been given a body and our body is precious. Just because you may have bigger bones, be taller, shorter, carry more weight in your midsection or not gain weight at all, it doesn't mean your not beautiful.

You see, we are all caught up in what we see on the television or on social media that we forget that people aren't perfect. We forget about photoshop, and airbrush and all of those fake things that make them look so desirable.

When you start to love who you are and accept what you have everything gets so much easier. The second I accepted that I wasn't ever going to be the smallest person in the room or the person everyone wants to look like, I started to see the things about me that made me different and made me unique.

You don't have to be skinny or tan and have all of the best clothes to be pretty. Everyone has something about themselves that stands out for the better and makes them who they are. As soon as we all start to accept our differences and accept our appearance our confidence will start to shine through.

In the end, it doesn't matter what you look like, or what you have. What matters is your outlook and what you put in the world to make it a better place.

"Flaws" don't exist. They are simply imperfections, and everybody has them.