Every day, we live the same exact thing. We wake up, go to work/school/etc., and we trudge on with our week just living for the weekend. We walk around with our heads in our phones, shuffling right past everyone. We live in a world that doesn’t make time for any “blackberry moments” anymore.

You might have heard the story told by sportscaster Ernie Johnson from his childhood in little league. It starts like this: one hot summer morning during a critical point in the baseball game, someone hit the ball out of the park, and the center fielder and left fielder went over the fence to go look for the ball.

But when they didn’t come back, the boys ran over to go look for them. What they discovered when they looked past the fence was the ball sitting right in front of them. And about ten feet over to the side were the two players sitting down eating some wild blackberries. To the surprise of many, the players from both teams proceeded to jump the fence and join them, delaying the game for quite some time.

This has since become a reminder not to miss the blessings around us, and these unexpected times of blessing are to be known as “blackberry moments.”

Ernie has never forgotten this day, and he has retold this story many times. But when asked, he says that he cannot recall what happened during the game or even whether his team won or not.

We live in a world where it’s normal to coop up in your room and watch Netflix for hours and hours (we all do it). But what moments are going to stick out to you when you reflect back on your time in high school, or your time in college?

We don’t realize how much we’re missing by not getting out there and connecting with people. We equate having more Facebook friends or Instagram followers to having a “better” and more social life but often times that isn’t the case. We spend so much time on our phones we often blow right by the beautiful unscripted moments that can impact us for the rest of our lives.

Blackberry moments are about finding time to enjoy the journey. All that stands in the way is the craziness of our lives today. We’re all so focused on sticking to the so-predictable script of our busy lives, we never make time for anything other than the “super important” meeting, sales call or whatever new thing seems to be of the “utmost importance.”

Don’t get me wrong, hard work is important and we should always strive to create the best circumstances for ourselves and our family but in a commencement speech Ernie gave to the UGA class of 2017, he says one thing you will never hear him say in the future is, “Man, I wish I’d spent more time in the office.” I think if we’d all sat down and thought about it, this would ring true for all of us.

We need to stop letting our lives pass us by and allow ourselves enjoy the little moments. Whether that’s taking an extra few minutes to talk to your neighbor on your way to the car in the morning, putting your life on hold for a second to help out a friend or just spending some quality time with friends or family.

Let those unexpected moments happen because ultimately, our experiences shape who we are and who we want to be and at the end of the day, these special moments are what we’re going to remember.