Isn’t it annoying how everyone is always ragging on, joshing about and obsessively picking apart our millennial generation?

Like why can’t I take 20 selfies to then pick the best one and post it on Instagram? And like, why can’t I say like over and over?

Why do we feel as if we can’t do this?

Honestly, I have no idea. I guess older generations probably think it looks silly and it’s going to hurt our eyes and our thumbs and our ears… who cares! It’s our generation!

I believe in taking a lot of pictures of my food. Because why not? It looks friggin’ good! I believe in taking 20 selfies or pictures (there is a difference) to then only post the best one. I believe in this process taking a very long time considering there are 20 choices and they are all basically the same, and not to mention a filter a caption—wow, posting a picture is hard work! I believe in walking and texting (and then running into someone on campus, but they don’t mind because they have also done it a thousand times). I believe in binge watching Netflix and streaming movies through a laptop instead of watching old sitcoms at 8pm every night. I believe in keeping up SnapChat streaks for no apparent reason. I believe in fun bitmojis and the basic hair flipping girl emoji (or the monkeys… those are cute, too).

Each generation has their ‘things’ and surely your grandparents had their crazy stupid trends that their parents disapproved of.

We have clothing trends that seem skimpy to older generations, yet once again, each generation has their fair share of skimpy and crazy clothing for the time. So why can’t we wear our crop tops and high-waisted shorts?

Every generation will be looked at under a microscope via the older generations. There is no way around it, but we shouldn’t be ashamed to do our own thing and embrace what this time period has given us.

So, embrace the millennial generation. Go scroll and double-tap through your insta feed. Tbh, shorten and abbreviate all of your words. Waste some time in class looking at funny, pointless memes. And go take a cute selfie and add the doggy Snap filter—and don’t forget to do it as you are walking to class.