5 Lyrics From 'Still Falling For You' That Will Make You Fall In Love Again
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5 Lyrics From 'Still Falling For You' That Will Make You Fall In Love Again

This lovely song is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about what it means when someone says true love.


In addition to Ellie Goulding's song, "Love Me Like You Do," I also love hearing her song, "Still Falling For You." In my experience, I have met lots of people who say they met their true love and I don't really understand it. I still believe true love only happens in movies, shows, and fairy tales. Up to this day, I still have no clue how people know about true love. Then, after hearing this song with this point of view on what the meaning of true love is, I think I have found some answers from her lyrics.

1. "This love is like rain and blue skies"

Definitely, true love may feel like a day of "rain" or "blue skies." Probably sometimes true love does not go the way one expects it to. For me, I think finding true love can be seen as fickle as the weather because no one can really predict what feelings you might have towards someone when one tries to find true love or when one unknowingly stumbles upon true love. Maybe the feelings might be really clear like a "blue sky" or disappointment like a day of "rain" to someone. Perhaps learning upon this fickleness or unpredictable aspect of true love, one might be prepared to starting out a relationship that might lead to true love.

2. "It took us a while 'cause we were young and unsure"

The greatest obstacle that always stands against true love, time. True love does not happen in a second. It takes time, but sometimes it's hard even to start figuring out if there is a connection of true love with someone. Some people are very shy or afraid of confessing their romantic feelings for others. Then, later on, one will eventually understand their feelings towards someone is just infatuation and not true love. So one cannot really tell. So this is one way of understanding true love. True Love is not obvious at all.

3. "But all your flaws and scars are all mine"

You cannot call out true love if you only like someone because of their looks, appearances, position, status, or rank. True love consists of one to love everything about someone especially their "flaws and scars." You have to really love someone who is acting as his or her true, honest self. You also want your romantic partner to be comfortable being the way he or she is. In return, the romantic partner must love you the way you are too. Then, you can deem your romantic relationship as true love. True love is not perfect but you need to accept that because this is what makes the definition of true love.

4. "No one can lift me, catch me the way that you do"

If you have a romantic partner that knows how to make you smile, and always have your back in any situation. This is the biggest indication of true love. From this lyric, this describes the support and trust that people in love should have. Other than the aspect of support and trust, this shows that people in love also take in heart from what they learn from each other or remembering what they know about each other such as birthdays, favorite food, what can really make you laugh or smile, what movie you like to watch, putting on your favorite music, etc. Not everyone knows one person's favorite things but if the romantic partner knows and keep them to heart especially for you, then this is purely true love. This lyric is my most favorite from this song and it always melts my heart every time Ellie Goulding sings this lyric.

5. "Still Falling For You"

Just like the title of the song, this is the most important lyric from this song about true love. True love does not only mean loving someone at one time and that's it. True love means no matter how many times you are with the person or anywhere, you will keep loving and loving that person without stopping. You love everything that your romantic partner does like the small gestures like smiling at you, waving hi to you, saying "good morning," laughing, just talking to you, or making meals for you, etc. True love means love that means no end or a feeling that makes you feel like you're "still falling for" him or her over, and over again.

This lovely song is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about what it means when someone says "true love."

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