Elections 2016: A Latina's Perspective
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I think we can all agree that these elections have been highly controversial, whether we talk about Trump’s sexist comments or Hilary’s emails. Regardless of your political views, there are a few things to take into consideration before going out to vote.

Firstly, commit to it. In these past few weeks I’ve had conversations that go something like this: “I will vote for ________, but that doesn’t mean I agree with his/her ______ views.” If you don’t agree with that candidate’s platform, Why. Are. You. Voting. For. Them? This upcoming election is a really big deal. You need to understand who you are voting for and what this could mean for your country.

Secondly, racism is not okay. It’s just not. There is no way to justify hate. If everyone is so set on defending the rights of the land of the free, then keep it that way; free of hate.

Honestly, as a Latina citizen of this country, I can’t help but feel personally attacked by this election’s candidate’s platform and his supporters. These elections have opened my eyes and allowed me to realize that racism is still a tremendous problem today. As I walk around campus and read the chalking on the sidewalks supporting Trump, I can’t help but feel that I am not welcomed in my own university.

Regardless of the fact that I am as much of a citizen as anyone else, it’s painful to see people supporting this type of hate, or hate in general. While I try to understand that there is more to his platform than this, I simply can’t wrap my head around it.

Recently, I had someone ask me “how can I explain my Hispanic family that I am voting for Trump?” You don’t. This person was mad that her family couldn’t see past the racism that’s clearly a part of his campaign.

I’ve been avoiding this topic on social media, but as the election date comes closer, it is time to speak up. #ImWithHer

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