Best Election Night Party Ideas
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Best Election Night Party Ideas

Face it and embrace it.

Best Election Night Party Ideas

Tuesday November 8 marks election night, drama filled I'm sure, for 2016. Here are some great ways to celebrate the election or ignore politics completely but have a great Tuesday!

Decorate your dorm

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Hilary and Trump masks are essential. Red and blue tape, potentially spitting the room for a mixed audience. Even use old 4th July decorations, patriotic balloons, banners and anything elephant or donkey-themed to represent both parties will work and guests may feel they are at a political party's headquarters.

Party Playlist

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Create an election night playlist featuring America-themed tunes to keep the atmosphere patriotic, and perhaps tune out some annoying TV anchors. Some good options are Party in the USA and the American Pie theme tune, classics.


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Food is always so important to guests, people may also want to stress eat as the results come in. Classic american snacks include, Doritos and dip and pretzels. If you're feeling sweet offer snacks like red, white and blue M&M's or here is a recipe for some patriotic jello!

Drinks for toasting

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There are plenty of reasons for stocking alcohol for election night, drinking games, relaxing, stressing but also to toast! This is a great website for an intense night of drinking games.

May your election night be filled with friends, fun and positivity!

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