Connecticut singer/songwriter Edith Woolf Friday, October 19 released her debut EP "Through," an intimate and emotional soundtrack.

The track "Belly of The Beast" made it onto one of Spotify's playlists "Sad Girl Song Day" within the very first week of the release. "Belly of The Beast" is presumably about a reflection on past romantic relationships and how she now realizes she deserved so much more than that.

Woolf's most popular track on the EP is "What We Said," according to her Spotify profile. The song evokes emotional darkness with acceptance in a way that makes the song relatable to people who struggle with their mental health.

In the hook of the song, the lyrics build up into a strong message, accepting someone or yourself through instability and chaos.

"How does that make you feel? Was I stable enough to marry? I guess it doesn't matter now but I actually think you love me this way," Woolf says.

The song can be interpreted as a conversation between her and a loved one or it could even be an inner conversation with herself. Either way, it's talking about the vulnerability and loneliness within a person who has a mental illness and accepting that person, loving them regardless.

Throughout the EP she talks about hard, personal topics such as battling mental illness and reflection of family and romantic relationships alike. Topics such as these are difficult for a person to speak upon publicly and to put a record as raw and personal as it is out into the world for everyone to hear is incredibly courageous.

Edith Woolf who is commonly known as Meredith Martins of Stamford, Connecticut has been writing music since she was 6 years old. She is 29 years old with her entire soul and heart on her sleeve, recreating her experiences in every single lyric with passion and complete honesty.

"To overcome your demons, you must go through them," Woolf said.