17 Quick Fixes For A More Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Life
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17 Quick Fixes For A More Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Life

Want to take care of our environment but don't know where to start? Here are some simple changes you can make.

17 Quick Fixes For A More Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Life

Almost all of us would love to contribute to taking care of our environment. But sometimes it can feel too overwhelming — like it's too big of an issue to even know where to start.

Often, with big issues like this one, not knowing where to start can lead to not starting at all. And that's the LAST thing we need from everyone right now as we try to undo the damage we've done and are actively still doing to our planet!

I've been a victim of this way of thinking and am working hard to change that thought. You absolutely can make a difference and tackle big issues, and you can even start with simple tweaks to your daily habits and routines.

1. Use a water filter 

Instead of single-use plastic water bottles, buy a Brita or another water filter. You can even get a water bottle with a filter built into it.

2. Carpool 

Carpool every time it makes sense. It's more fun and it saves gas...and money, while you're at it.


Bring your own grocery bags! Keep a couple of tote bags that you can reuse. You'll take fewer trips to the car with these larger totes too. Win-win.

4. Use reusable silverware 

Say no to plastic silverware. Buy yourself your own portable set if you're always on-the-go!

5. Support fashion brands that are environmentally conscious 

If you can, don't buy extremely delicate, poor-quality clothing you'll only be able to wear once or twice. Support sustainable and mindful brands. Here are a few.

6. Go natural when it comes to cleaning products 

Purchase eco-friendly cleaning products instead of filling your home with chemicals. But be careful — sometimes companies can be tricky about their use of "natural" or "organic." Check the ingredients.

7. Change your clothes before changing the temperature 

No, you don't need more AC. You need your favorite hoodie and sweats combo.

8. Borrow, rent, and re-purpose as much as possible 

Borrow books, buy secondhand goods, re-purpose old jars and take out food containers, etc.

9. Say no to plastic toothbrushes 

Swap your plastic toothbrush out for an eco-friendly alternate option. Try a more sustainable toothbrush, most options are made from bamboo. Compost!

10. Remember to turn your lights off  

Because no one is in too big of a rush to flip a switch. Come on.

11. Try natural light before turning on your lights 

Not the beer. Just open your blinds.

12. Shorten your showers 

Time yourself using your phone or put a playlist on and give yourself one or two songs.

13. Recycle 

This is obvious but couldn't be left off the list. Even if your area doesn't offer curbside recycling, you can find a recycling drop-off center.

14. Say no to straws 

Of course, if you really like having a straw, you can get yourself a reusable straw and ask for no straw when ordering drinks. Honestly, it's just easier to never use straws! That'll help you get used to always asking for no straw when ordering.

15. Buy a reusable cup 

If you drive through your favorite coffee shop every other day or so, you're using and discarding well over 100 plastic cups every year. I bought a reusable Starbucks cup they'll fill with whatever I order.

16. Don't litter 

It's so unnecessary and so wasteful. This goes along with recycling too. Do you think the plastic food wrappers you throw out your window will somehow end up recycled?

17. Bike or walk when you can 

No need to use your car and waste gas if you can help it. I didn't even take my car to college because everything was walkable.

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