Eco-Friendly Gifts To Give This Holiday Season
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Eco-Friendly Gifts To Give This Holiday Season

Give a gift that gives back to the Earth!


The gift-giving season is right around the corner and I know I'm already thinking of what to get people. Gift-giving is so much fun; when you get to see how much the person liked the present you gave them, it makes you feel great.

Well, these gifts will make you feel doubly good because you know they won't have a negative impact on the environment. They're also really useful too, so give to your loved ones and give to the planet this holiday season.

1. Soap Bars

I don't know about the rest of you, but I like getting some new soap for Christmas. Using shampoo, conditioner, and soap bars is a great way to eliminate your plastic waste. In addition to this, they tend to last a good bit longer than their bottled counterparts and are made with more natural ingredients. You can get the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and more from Ethique on Amazon here.

2. Anything from Recover

This company makes many of their products with recycled PET. They're all about making a more sustainable product for a more sustainable future and their clothes and accessories support that cause. If anyone you know wants some nice socks or new t-shirts give this site a look.

3. Recycled beanie

Beanies always make a great gift. They're useful in the winter, they're cute, and nearly everyone loves them. United by Blue makes their beanies (and pretty much all of their items) with recycled polyester — their goal is to make eco-friendly sustainable products. You can check out their mission and look at all their items here.

4. Beeswax Candles

Candles are basically a gifting staple; every year at least one person gives and gets a candle. But who's complaining? Candles make for great gifts that everyone likes.

This year, take things up a notch and give someone a pure beeswax candle from

5. Wool Dryer Balls

Give these really cool wool dryer balls to someone so they can ditch one-use dryer sheets. They make your clothes softer and you can add a drop of essential oil to them for an even fresher scent. You can get these dryer balls here on Amazon.

6. Pela Phone Case

These phone cases are 100% compostable and BPA free. The company aims at lowing plastic production and waste, and their products are perfect for anyone who wants to do that too. Order someone their Pela case here.

7. Plants 

For anyone who loves houseplants and succulents, plants are the perfect gift. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they also freshen the air and add a little bit of extra oxygen to the room.

Mountain Crest Gardens is my favorite store to buy plants online. They sell, succulents, cacti, air plants, plant food, and even some plant books.

And when you get the package, the box can be recycled and the packing peanuts dissolve in water. Check out all the varieties they have here.

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