How to Be Happy, Horny, and Healthy
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Health and Wellness

How to Be Happy, Horny, and Healthy

Eat Yo' Butter B*tch

How to Be Happy, Horny, and Healthy

Your Brain is 60% fat. Cholestorol is the precursor to your sex hormones. Pretty much all veggies taste great soaked in grass-fed butter (not to mention a lot of Vitamins (A, D, E, K) are fat soluble...which means if you don't take them with fat they ain't doing much for ya). Could being happy, horny, and healthy really taste good? Let's see the science behind how eating more fat can improve performance.

How to be Happy

If you are restricting your calories you have less calories for your brain to use. We intuitively know this. How cranky do you get when you haven't eaten all day? You immediately become less patient...less able to understand other people's perspectives. If you are starving yourself, i.e. restricting calories, your brain has less fuel to think those happy thoughts that some of us know and love. The default state of the brain is to look for the negative. Being negative requires less calories. If you have enough calories you are more able to conciously choose your thoughts and you can choose to be happy. You can also still choose to be a dickhole...but at least you're not one by default. Since your brain is made out of fat. Getting healthy fats into your diet means your body can use those calories directly in the brain.

How to be Horny

Horniness is all about the hormones. Our sex hormones drive pretty much whatever it is we do. Whether that is career confidence, ambition, or just plain desire to get it on, our sex hormones are running the show. If you have low sex-drive, think of yourself as lazy, or are full of fear, there may be something off with your hormones. As we mentioned before cholesterol is one of the building blocks for our sex hormones. In fact

Corn flakes were designed to by Dr. Kellog to stop masturbation.

Low-fat foods were designed to curb men's sex drive. Trade your morning cereal for a butter coffee and you'll have boners for dayz. How else to increase hormones?

How long have TV screens been around? Computers? Our brains don't really understand the concept of the screen. When you are watching porn your brain thinks the lady or fella you fantasize about is real. Whether you are single or in a relationship, your brain thinks this person is in your day to day reality, and your lust for your partner or the guys/girls out around town goes down. This is another reason why I try not to watch the news as well. Every advertisment, movie, even sports reporters are triggering on that primal drive for sex. Which can be overdone and reduce your drive for the real people in your life.

If you limit porn consumption and maximize butter consumption(the building blocks for hormones) you get all horned up. You can overdo it with the butter tho. Below are my recent Testosterone test results. I may have taken it a little too far with the amount of butter I eat. A high fat diet has increased my testosterone well above average. (Again maybe too much, more T is not always better especially if imbalanced with other hormones).

How to be Healthy

Generally if you are happy and horny your're pretty damn healthy. One of the only other markers I can think of is how well you move. In my experience, if you eat enough of the right amount of calories you want to work out. You want to move. You want to do stuff. If you are starving yourself, caloric restriction, your body is in conservation mode and does not want you to go to the gym. It wants to save all calories. I have yet to find a way to exercise with butter but I do know a ketogenic(high fat) fueled workout feels massively different than a sugar fueled workout.

Another benefit of high fat is that fat can turn off your hunger homones, ghrelin, this is one of the hormones that tells you when its time to eat. This means by controlling WHAT you eat, not worrying about the amount, you can control your hunger cravings.

Still not Convinced? Check your "Butter Beliefs"

If you are still on the fence about butter let me ask you where did your butter belief come from? Odds are it was perpetuated all the way back from one man...Ancel Keys. Ancel Keys claimed that saturated fat leads to heart disease. His study sparked the low-fat diet craze, but it had been proven that he falsified his research. We now know he threw away data that did not support his theory and saturated fat has never been proven to lead to heart disease. The whole food pyramid that our parents were raised one on and raised us on is litterly upside down.

The above is what has contributed to making us fat, miserable, and lazy. You can say high fat diets are the new fad or the new craze which is true but here's where that arguement breaks down. We have the internet now. When the low-fat craze came out we did not have internet for people to poke holes in the theory. The internet is trying to poke holes in the high fat theory but more and more evidence is coming out to show a that. A high fat diet won My Diet is Better Than Yours.

Again there is no one diet for everyone, but if you are trying to support healthy hormones, healthy fat in your diet is a neccesity.


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