Easy New Year's Resolutions
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Health and Wellness

Easy New Year's Resolutions

What's unrealistic, and what can actually work?

Easy New Year's Resolutions

A common practice found amongst nearly all of us during the holiday season is creating New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions can verge from abstract, to very specific, or from serious, to lighthearted. One trend that ties most of us together is the failure to fulfill them. While it can be great to have a distinct, brave goal for the oncoming year, it can also be unrealistic, or even impossible. If you’re struggling to find your New Year’s resolution for 2017, here are some that cater to nearly all of us.

Unrealistic resolution: Work out every day

Realistic resolution: Laugh more

Not only is laughing great for your mental health and overall spirits, but it also burns calories! If the feeling of near-death and overwhelming physical exhaustion doesn’t appeal to you, just find reasons to laugh at the world and you’ll be able to get fit in no time.

Unrealistic resolution: Obtain the hottest commodities

Realistic resolution: Buy knock-off brands of items that you desire

Wealth is reflected on appearance, so why break the bank to achieve a nice style? You’ll be saving money while retaining that fresh aesthetic.

Unrealistic resolution: Stress less

Realistic resolution: Treat yo self more

It’s not humanly possible to de-stress by simply telling yourself to not get stressed. Instead of trying to be more carefree, or kicking stress to the curb, spend some more time catering to your own wants and needs on a daily basis, and you’ll create a healthy equilibrium.

Unrealistic resolution: Having a resolution

Realistic resolution: Don’t have one

There’s less chance for failure if there’s no goal to begin with! While this is obviously awful advice for most things, it might be better to not have any resolution at all. Instead, simply commit yourself to the goals that you have in mind, however microscopic they may seem, and you’ll enjoy fulfillment to some extent-- maybe even more than if you dedicated yourself to something for the whole year.
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