3 Reasons Dog-Sitting Is The Perfect Side Gig, Even For A Busy College Student
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3 Reasons Dog-Sitting Is The Perfect Side Gig, Even For A Busy College Student

Yes, it's great for more than just the dogs!

3 Reasons Dog-Sitting Is The Perfect Side Gig, Even For A Busy College Student
Kerrington Maner

If you've ever considered dog-sitting, here are three reasons why it's a great way to earn some extra money!

1. It's a great excuse to house-hunt!

Kerrington Maner

I'm not the type of person who dreams about their 'perfect home,' but dog-sitting has allowed me to sift through characteristics and qualities I like about different houses, whether it's the type of house, the location, or the interior design. Staying at different people's houses also allows you to get out of your own house for a few days, which can sometimes be a relief, especially when everyone is home for summer.

2. You can do it while working your other jobs, too.

Two sweet boxers that I regularly watch.

Kerrington Maner

Dog-sitting is great because you're able to, save a few minor adjustments to your daily routine, carry on with your life as normal. You may not have to go terribly far out of your way to watch the dogs and accommodate to their needs. I work as a lifeguard, and the shifts are anywhere from 5-12 hours every day. I'm still able to watch dogs regardless of my busy work schedule! In addition, once you get a few regular clients who like you, you may become their permanent dog-sitter as long as you're able.

3. The best part? The dogs!

Bernie, one of my absolute favorite dogs to watch.

Kerrington Maner

Of COURSE the dogs are one of my favorite parts about dog-sitting, though sometimes I feel as though I'm cheating on my own two sweet puppies. I find it so fun playing with other people's dogs and building trust between us, especially as I continue to watch them more regularly. Bernie's (yellow lab pictured above) parents told me a few months ago that the sweet dog has learned my name and gets excited when he hears it! It absolutely melted my heart, and it's just another great benefit of dog-sitting.

Dog-sitting is a practical side-gig, especially for those who are already working another job, are in school, or want to make a little extra cash!

It's super easy to get involved in dog-sitting through an app called Rover. I was introduced to this app, and that's how I was introduced to a handful of my clients (the other method of introduction was by word of mouth). It's kind-of like Uber (I think): You sign up to become a sitter, go through a background check, choose the services you want to offer and wait for someone to send you an interest message! Different services you can participate in include:

Dog Walking: You walk clients' dogs if they are unable/prefer that someone walk them.

Doggy Daycare: Your client's dog(s) stay at your house for the day. They're dropped off in the morning and picked up in the evening.

Drop-In Visits: If clients are away on vacation or can't get home from work early enough, you drop-in to check on their dog(s) and do necessary tasks (i.e. letting them out, playing with them, feeding them, etc.).

House Sitting (my favorite): You stay at a client's home overnight, taking care of their dog(s) and the house. It's always comforting for people who are away on vacation to have someone at the house making sure their furry loved ones are okay through the night!

Dog Boarding: This service is the opposite of House Sitting. Clients drop their dog(s) off at your house for any given period of time, whether it's for a weekend getaway, a week-long vacation or anything in between.

My first interest message came within a few days of signing up, and several followed after. You can choose to be in Away Mode, too, if you're not presently looking for new clientele (I'm currently in Away Mode because I have 5 clients that regularly keep me busy!).

If you're interested in becoming a Rover sitter, use this link to find out more information and to sign up! You should receive a $20 gift once you've made your first booking, too. Happy sitting! :)

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