5 Easy Ways To Make​ A Difficult Home Life Work For You

Living at home feels like vacation when you are growing up. You have a place to sleep, eat, work, and play for years. You take your parents' hospitality for granted and then they lay it on you. A daily regimen of house rules that prod and poke at your last nerve. The childhood phase is phasing out of view and all you see are blockades the shape of your family members. Sometimes the roof is not big enough for all you, so here are some ways to make your home life a bit roomier.

1. Go to your corner.


Remember when you were punished and sat in the corner to think about what you did? Use that time out to your advantage. If you can manage an area of the house that you can claim as your own, that is gold. You are out of everyone's hair and your hair stays on your head rather than having to pull it out. This place inside your home can be the place away from home, a nice head space to gain back focus in your own life. Let isolation be your refuge.

2. Plan out your day.


When everyone else is sleeping in, you have something to look forward to every morning. Keeping a routine that works for you will be the difference between lazy house sitting and bread winning. The day belongs to you as soon as you decide what to do with it. If your family is less than supportive, support yourself until like-minded people support you. Get your goals in a row and succeed at them at your own pace.

3. Compromise.


Talking with your family can be hard to do. Their are some personalities that linger far too much and long. Being reasonable however is not impossible, unless some like it that way. In that case, for those family members who listen to what you have to say, have them mediate the compromise. Gain as much footing as you can when it comes to settling disputes small and large. If you have to live here, at least make it worth living.

4. Plant yourself far and wide.


Now that you are older, it is time to think about using your resources wisely. Family members can help you navigate your goals outside of the home in more ways than one. The home is a base where you can return to, like a garden. Take care of the home or garden by planting other plants close by here and farther there. Cultivate a house that stands rather than one divided. Soon you will find everything is coming up roses.

5. Move out.


Sometimes you need a home away from home. A home of your own would be a nice change of pace. Make your own house rules, establish your new comings and goings out in the real world. The house may not be full, but at least you can have some healthy retrospection. There will be better moments you miss and wish that lasted longer. And Now you can do the same things and some things differently. Give yourself the home you needed all these years.

Home is where you are.

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