Five Easy Ways to Cure Artist's Block

Although I spend most of my day slaving away to my organic chemistry studies, I always have and always will make time for art. It gives your brain a rest and is great way to manage stress and forget about all your troubles and homework due within the next hour (oops).

However, sometimes I find myself staring at a page or canvas going “wtf do I draw?”.

Although my main focus is on drawing pet portraits, I have been obsessed with zentangling for the past 5 or so years. Its a great way to get out of a funk, and just create something without thinking about it. If you don’t know what zentangling is, I highly suggest you research it. Its like meditation and art combined.

So, If you find yourself a victim of artist's block, here are some simple and fun ways to dig your way out of that hole, and create something awesome in the process.

1.Use newspaper and magazine clippings.

I like to take cutouts from newspapers and do some collages or doodles around it. Its really easy and has instant gratification.

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2. Circles and lines

Peter Draws on Youtube has some amazing videos on overcoming artist’s block, which i recommend you check out. All his drawings are awe-inspiring and it is comforting to know he goes through artist’s block as well. One of my favorites methods of his is called “Circles and lines”, and yes-- it is as simple as it sounds. I use this as fillers for many of my zentangles and doodles on my notebooks during lectures to keep my hands busy.

3. Play a song or album on repeat

My all time favorite things to do is to listen to a song or album on repeat, and draw whatever comes to mind. Here’s a drawing I did on the train ride home the other day, inspired by Bastille’s new album. I like to include quotes and imagery I find throughout the songs.

4.Add a quote.

When in doubt, add a quote. Pinterest is the perfect spot for inspiration quotes. Start of with a quote or short story, and see where it takes you.

A photo posted by Savannah Ross (@hiddenhouses) on
A photo posted by Savannah Ross (@hiddenhouses) on

5. Watercolors. Watercolors. Watercolors.

If you don’t have a watercolor pallet, I encourage you to buy one on your next art supply trip. You can get them for pretty cheap at Michael’s, especially when you use the 40% coupon. You can easily splash around colors and not have to put one ounce of thought into it.

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