Easter Poem

A father of all, so pure and kind,

Formed the Earth, and kept you in Mind,

Light, land, water, and life

He soon formed Adam and gave him a wife.

An image of God, over the land it ruled,

Deceit and greed, humankind was fooled.

The fall from grace was hard and fast,

Original sin was soon to last.

A covenant was made, a promise to all,

To give us a guideline to look back and recall.

Anointed and chosen, a few will lead,

They’ll give it a try but few will succeed.

A marriage to creation, a two part deal,

Overwhelmed by greed, it sent us to steal.

A partner dishonest, wanting more than we should

God looked at a creation, one no longer good.

Fallen again, we were desperate and lost,

God sent his son to pay the high cost.

In a poverty city, a son was given life,

Pure and sinless to diminish the strife.

A final covenant, Jesus came to be,

Embodied in flesh to walk with you and me.

A man for the broken, a man for the poor,

Testified and witnessed he opened the door.

Left and betrayed by the ones he fed,

Forgave and loved for them his blood was shed.

Stripped and nailed, a gruesome sight,

His body drew weak to give us might.

For Sunday morning, came the scare,

Jesus had risen, the good news to share.

The body and blood, given to thee,

Forgiven and save, for he and she.

His body a bridge, a path to grace

No longer a fall, for he took the place.

Blood poured not spilled, his fate was true,

It was an intended promise to me and you.

Celebrate life and rejoice in love,

A sacrifice for man, a gift from above.

A lamb of God, given through affection,

We sing to the highest for his resurrection.

Beauty found in the undeserved death,

The holy spirit flows through the Savior’s breath,

Trust in the Lord, for Jesus is alive,

Never alone, Hebrews 13:5

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