Dyeing Your Hair Translates To Dying On The Inside

Dyeing Your Hair Translates To Dying On The Inside

My hair is blue and so am I.


Dyeing your hair can kill you in multiple ways. The first is obvious: it kills your wallet and that little banker in you is shaking its head for that $400 you just dropped to go from brunette to platinum. It keeps silently scolding you when you have to pay for aftercare like conditioning masks, bond formulas, special shampoo, and fine-toothed combs and brushes.


Second, any sense of pride you have in the texture of your hair is out the window. It comes off frizzy every morning and you have to battle with hair oils and brushes to get it as straight as possible. You start straightening your hair, but after day one, you're left with a crispy haystack on your head. And when I say day one, I mean day one out of four of not washing your hair to retain the color, but also because your toning/conditioning/masking process takes. for. ever.


Third, no one really understands the process or struggle of dying your hair, and you're on your last explanation on how bleaching/dying works. If your hair is dark, you start off an off-blonde or brunette during the first bleaching process. In the second, you go blonde. After, a process of purple shampoo gets you that ash/platinum color. And then, you deposit a color that lasts approximately a month. If you dye over blonde, the yellowish color may not get you the perfect faded pastel you want, so it's better to start with a white canvas. You need blonde to get to platinum before you get pink/purple/blue/everything else, especially if its a pastel color!


Finally, your hair is literally dying, and don't come with a smart remark like "Uh, our hair is already dead when it grows out of your head." But when you bleach it, it's dead, as in, there is literally no hydration in any strand of your hair and it's amazing how it still clings on to your gorgeous little head.


As I said, however, you die on the inside because of your dyed hair is two-way street. I am specifically pointing out at the death of the old you, and the birth of a new you.


There's something magical about being able to change your appearance in an affordable way. Makeup is rather temporary after a swipe of a wipe or a splash of water, and not everyone can just surgically change their nose, plump their lips, or heighten their cheekbones. Dyeing hair is the only noticeable part of our body that we can control, and it's incredible being able to change how you look in just a few hours.


There's a rush of confidence when all eyes are on you. You stand out from the crowd, you're unique, and you did a little something-something just for you. There's an overflow of self-love when you put extra care into your hair routine to maintain how smooth it could possibly be. Additionally, all the little compliments from strangers are a sweet reminder that you took a risk to make you happy, and that's the best part- making the decisions on your body for your happiness. The world should be a selfless place, sure, but sometimes, you need to advocate for yourself. You need to make choices that give you pleasure and security because otherwise, how can you bring that joy to others? I'm not saying dyed hair is for everyone, but for those who had a missing piece that was only filled by the sweet, sweet smell of ammonia-scented developers, let the old you die. Shine bright, Mermaid Head.


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The Best 10 Outfits College Girls Should Wear With Their Birkenstocks



You have probably seen the trend of Birkenstocks on your college campus. They're everywhere.

The other day there was a heatwave in Maine and it was almost 50 degrees in February. And you bet your ass I took my birks (Birkenstocks) out and wore them around campus. I had to take advantage of the sunshine and warm(er) weather. If you're someone who lives in their birks all year round, you will understand what I'm talking about. I think the thing about birks is you can dress them up for an event or dress them down and wear them at the beach or out exploring during summer vacation.

Here are some outfits you have probably seen college girls wearing around campus with their birks day in and day out.

1. The plain tee and ripped jean with birks combo 

I think this is the outfits I see the most with Birkenstocks. I think the cool thing about birks is there are so many different colors, style, and fabric you can pick from. There are so many ways you can style with them.

2. The jean jacket, a dress and birks combo 

Like I said above, the best thing about birks is that you can style with them in so many ways. These metallic ones make this casual outfit fun, and even dressy if that's the occasion.

3. The all black with birks combo 

This is the combo you have probably seen me wearing around campus. When I see a person in all black I think 1. They're fierce af. or 2. Don't get in their way. When you see a college student like this what do you do? You leave them alone.

4. The sweater, leggings, tee and birks combo 

This is one of the combos I see a ton on campus. This is the "wanted to be cozy and look presentable" look.

5. The socks and birks with any outfit combo 

I used to really hate socks with sandals combo for the longest time. Then I realized how cold my toes would get when I wore birks in the fall and then I was like, "I'm just gonna do it" and put socks on with my sandals. Yet with birks, you can wear cozy socks, knitted socks, socks with patterns and it really can make a look.

6. The flannel with birks combo

This is another popular outfit combo I see on campus. The flannel can either be pulled off either cozy or rock n' roll vibes, and is perfect for a cool cloudy day.

7. Sweatpants, tee, and socks combo 

I like to call this look, "you're lucky I came to class" look.

8. Comfy sweater and leggings with birk combos

I like to call this outfit, "leave me to die in the library" starter pack.

9. Long sleeve, bralette, leggings and birks combo 

This outfit is perfect for 8 a.m.s where you don't want to get up too early for, but also want to kind of look human and nice for the boy who sits in front of you.

10. Tee, shorts and birks combo 

This outfit is perfect for when it's warm on campus or when the school year is almost here! I like to call this outfit the "plain jane" outfit! You could wear this to so many different events of gatherings on campus!

I hope these outfits gave you some ideas for dressing with the Birkenstocks you have already on your feet, or if you're looking into buying a pair of Birkenstocks for yourself! I honestly love my Birkenstocks and maybe you think they're "overrated" but they're honestly my go-to shoe all year round, and they are worth the money.

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20 Terrible Things You Understand If You Are Far Removed From 20/20 Vision

The struggle is REAL.


Here are 20 things you understand if you have bad eyesight
(and I mean not being able to see what's 5 inches from your face eyesight)

1. Having to pay for an issue you were genetically given EVERY YEAR because your
eyes continue to get worse

2. Picking out frames, only to find out they are $500+ dollars WITHOUT the lenses.
-And yes that's with insurance.

3. The panicked first minute of waking up when you can't find your glasses on the nightstand

4. People like to try on your glasses just "for fun"
-Then say "WOW, you really CAN'T see." "Yeah. Crazy. Now give them back."

5. You hear "Oh my gosh, my eyes are bad too! They're like a minus three!"
-Sorry, but those with minor to moderately blurry vision, you can't relate…


6. You oftentimes hear "you should get Lasik!"

-Oh, honey, I would if it wasn't crazy expensive and a surgery on the most sensitive
part of your face.

7. Weather permitting issues make for difficult days in glasses
-When it's too hot or muggy your glasses will fog up. If it rains you will have cloudy
and wet glasses, you can't see out of. And wiping them makes it worse.

8. You hear "How many fingers am I holding up?!" One too many times.
Becky, please get your fingers out of my face.

9. Anytime you stay over-night somewhere you must worry about a contacts case
and solution…
-You got to pop them out at the last minute, so you don't miss anything

10. You sometimes put on contact lenses in the morning JUST to apply makeup.
Then you pop them off, put on your glasses, and go.


11. You've heard the phrase "four-eyes" one too many times.

-It's not exactly offensive just SUPER annoying.

12. People worry about the dentist visit, but you get to worry about the optometrist

13. You were the kid who sat too close to the TV and probably went too long without the proper vision care because your parents didn't know how bad it was.

14. You legally can't drive at night because your eyesight is awful, and everything
blurs together.

15. We've all ran out of our prescription contacts before we realize its too late and
end up waiting weeks for the prescription to get in.


16. You squint a lot because for some odd scientific reason, you can see better.

17. You might not be able to participate in certain activities because your glasses
could fall off or get broken. FUN

18. Everyone thinks you're the smartest person in the room because you wear

-No, I will not do your homework

19. You roll your eyes when you see people wear non-prescription glasses for "style".

20. You make people uncomfortable because you can touch your eyeball with no


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