Moving from Texas to Alabama I thought was going to have nothing but sunshine and rainbows. Don't get me wrong, I love my school and wouldn't trade it for anything. But there are just a couple of things I had no idea about or just wished that someone told me before I left. With that being said, here are eight things I wish I knew before driving eight hours to my school.

Three day weekends are kinda awkward

When you live far away from your school, it's nearly impossible to just take a quick trip home. But it feels weird because, during any three day weekend, the whole campus is dead. Everyone else has gone home, gone to the lake, or wherever else locals might go. With that being said, the only option on a free weekend is to stay in your dorm or find someone on campus who lives close and go home with them.

You will always be doing laundy

Unlike my roommates who live 45 minutes from campus, I don't have that option. They can leisurely go home and have their parents do their laundry anytime. I am constantly doing my laundry at school. The day I go back home and I have my mom do by laundry will be a day better than Christmas.

Your'e gonna miss the heck out of your pet 

I honestly can't even remember the last time I saw a dog. If you're like me, you will do anything for my pet. Every day I consider making the eight-hour drive just to see my dog again. Yes, I miss my parents, my hometown friends, all that. But the bond between me and my dog is something special.

Forgot something at home? You'll be seeing it again in three months.

Forgot your favorite shirt at home? Or how about your laptop charger? You'd be better off buying a new one or just finding a way to live without it. It's honestly such a hassle trying to get something shipped all the way to your school. When something does get shipped, you have to wait anxiously for it to come, go pick it up, and sometimes when there's miscommunication with your mom, you realize she sent the wrong shirt, and you have to repeat the process again.

FaceTime calls with your friends are CRUCIAL

Every night you can catch me face timing someone from home. FaceTime is the closest thing to personal interaction. Seeing your best friend from home or even your parent is such a relief after you've had a hard week or if you just really miss them. FaceTime has indeed become my best friend.

Your dorm room will become your favorite place

Though your new college town if officially your "home away from home," your dorm room is so much more. Your room is the one place on campus where you can make it yours. My room has my state everywhere as well as pictures from my friends back home. Your dorm room in also the one place where you can go in and actually feel like you're at home for a while.

Long breaks are you best friend

I have a huge heart for long breaks. Winter and summer specifically. These are special times where you can go home and actually relax. There's time to catch up, see old friends and family, and most importantly just enjoy the time you have being at home again. The best part is being able to fly back and not drive.

You really will miss your family 

Yes, college is fun and exciting, but when everything slows down, you realize you're missing something. Nothing will ever be able to replace the warmth of your family. The first time you do go back and see them will be when you realize, "Wow. I actually did miss these people."

Like I said, I wouldn't trade my college experience for anything in the world! But as much as I do love it, there are just some things I miss about my other home that this home could never fulfill. So never limit yourself to a school because of distance, or you may not ever find your home away from home!