Doctors recommend you drink 80 fluid oz. of water each day. That's roughly 5 water bottles. Based on your GPA, this is how much water you drink.

4.0: none

You don't have time to drink water - you're drinking coffee for those all-nighters.

3.5-3.9: a single water bottle

While you may not have as much time to be social, you do have a little time. This means you have a little time on your hands to drink water.

3.0-3.4: Three water bottles

You have just enough time to drink water... after you're done having a fun night out, that is.

2.5-2.9: A gallon

You, my friends, are the dreaded people we see carrying around a jug of water. You are completely obsessed with it.

2.0-2.4: droplets from the shower

You don't really care for water, so you don't even like when water gets in your mouth while in the shower. Too bad.

2.0 and below: what's water?

You have absolutely NO idea what water is. And why should you?