Do you ever wake up after a dream and remember something very specific?

Sometimes we dream of things depending on our emotional and physical state. It could be unconsciously occurring right now, or may occur in the future. Dreams can help you figure out your path in life, or make you understand your emotions better.

Here are some popular symbols you might have been dreaming about:

1. Teeth falling out.

This means that you might be feeling trapped, secluded, or controlled.

2. Getting chased.

I used to dream about this a lot. I would be running from someone, but in super slow motion. This means you are feeling stressed or in danger. You might be stressed out with family, friends, or school.

3. Demons or monsters.

This can mean that you need to change something about yourself. You may see yourself as a demon, looking to become someone new.

4. Money. 

This refers to your worth as a person or how much you value yourself

5. Falling. 

This is a very popular one. Sometimes you might wake up from your body spazzing out, because in your dream, you were falling. This just means that you may need to let go of something you have been holding on to for so long.

6. Being naked.

    This could mean that you have a fear of being embarrassed in public or you are afraid of showing your true self to the world.

7. Car crash. 

This could mean that you are in a conflict with yourself or someone that needs to be resolved.

8. Death.  

This is also a popular one that may mean you are afraid of change, or a new life. It could also mean that you are feeling vulnerable.

9. Flying.

This has a variety of meanings including happiness, freedom, uplifted, and motivated.

10. Crying a lot.

This could mean that you are holding back many emotions that you are afraid of showing in real life.

11. Intruder in your home.

This could mean you are afraid of someone or something in your life.

12. Kissing someone.

You may have strong feelings for someone that you are hiding.

13. Drowning.

This could mean that you are overwhelmed but something or someone.

14. Roller coaster.

These are associated with taking a journey or risk.

15. Water.

This relates to an overwhelming of emotions, or showing too many emotions, or a need to show more emotions depending on the form and context the water is being dreamt.