If you haven't yet seen Nike's new ad, I'm sure you will quite soon. Between the beyond amazing message and the use of such powerful stories one after another, I had chills throughout the entire video. In the simplest terms possible, Nike is encouraging people to dream the craziest dream they can and (of course) just do it.

It seems actually intuitive while watching this video that whatever you dream you can achieve, you can make come to life with perseverance, determination, and self-confidence. While all of these things are necessary to achieve the unthinkable, I think that there is something else that is needed. Or if not 100% needed, it is extremely helpful when it comes to reaching the highest levels of success.


Sometimes no matter how bad you want it and you know you want it, you just need that extra piece of encouragement. That pep talk, hype up, or message of affirmation. And at some points, that extra nudge to just keep moving. In moments of doubt, distress, or disappointment it is often friends and loved ones who pick you up and remind you of where you are going.

Now I am by no means saying that you need anybody other than yourself to achieve great success. In fact in many of the stories that Nike highlights, I am sure that those athletes got to where they are mainly because of their personal grit and burning desire to make it. However, I firmly believe that at some point they had an outside voice encouraging them to keep dreaming big and to stay the course.

It takes guts to dream wild and chase your dreams. It takes even more guts to encourage those around you to do the same. It's a shame that we frown upon people around us who has "unrealistic" goals (whatever they may be) while putting the select few famous ones that achieve such high status on a pedestal.

Have you ever sneered at someone who said that they are planning to become a singer or a professional athlete or an astronaut? I'm sure you have. Maybe not out of bad intentions or anything other than pure habit. I know I have. Even worse, have you ever let yourself feel bad for people because they are "putting time into something that won't work out"? We've all probably felt this way, whether we like it or not.

But what would happen to these people if instead of having numerous doubters, everyone was supporting and encouraging them? If nothing else, there would be much more love and good energy out in the world rather than more hate and envy... Seems like a win even if no more dreams are achieved than are now.

I think that it's time that we realize that it is just as important to encourage our friends and loved ones to dream crazy and pursue such dreams as it is to dream big for ourselves. You are only as good as who you surround yourself with so be the person who surrounds themselves with crazy ambitious goal-getters. So, as you dream crazy and big, don't forget to encourage others to do the same. It's only fair. There is room for everyone to achieve their wildest dreams. We just haven't seen it yet.