My whole life I was a dancer. I've always loved theatre and music and art. I've been drawing for forever, and I'm not too bad at it. My senior year of high school, I took a marine science class and fell in love with it. I decided I liked it so much, that i wanted to attend Coastal Carolina to study it. I was super excited.

Everybody told me that it wasn't the major for me. That I had been so artistic my whole life, so why was I doing this? I was so determined to go against the rest and do something completely different than what I was used to. After one semester of that, I decided that I was being a little ignorant and stubborn and switched my major to graphic design.

When people hear this change it's shocking. They're literally on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I noticed how much happier I was this past semester. I felt like it was where I belonged. I made more friends that had the same or similar majors and it was amazing. I found myself wanting to try my hardest to please my classmates and teachers. I was willing to spend all nighters if it meant that the project would look its very best. I also learned time management, which I'd never been good at before, because I had to in order to meet deadlines.

College is a time to really figure yourself out. Don't be afraid to switch your major. Most people do. It's a time to experiment and find your place for when you enter the real world. You need to do whatever makes you happiest. I am so much happier and confident where I am. I find myself coming up with ideas on ideas with the tools I learned in the one semester I've had. I have goals for the future and hope that I can achieve them. Go to college with an open mind and you will find your place.