Toronto Raptors Fall Short In The Second Game Of The NBA Finals

The Toronto Raptors Hope To Break Drake's Curse, But Fall Short In The Second Game Of The NBA Finals

From football to basketball to MMA, Drake just seems to root for the wrong team.


The NBA Finals are a little different this year as it's no longer the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors. Although the Warriors are a familiar face, this time a new opponent has entered which are the Toronto Raptors. Many people are rooting for the Raptors since they're the underdog and one of those many people is Canada native Drake. Drake is a special fan as he doesn't have the best luck when it comes to sports. The "Drake Curse" seems to follow all of his favorite athletes regardless of the sport. From football to basketball to MMA, Drake just seems to root for the wrong team.

This is the franchise's first appearance in the finals so having the home advantage was vital since the energy of the crowd really was in their favor. The first quarter was a back in forth between the two, but the Raptors stayed on top. The Raptors kept the lead at the end of each quarter making Warrior fans lose hope quickly. The overall momentum the Raptors had was unstoppable as each member of the team had their moments to shine.

Kawhi Leonard's performance was spectacular which really helped the Raptors keep the lead. The Warriors heavily rely on getting the three-point shots, but the Raptors defense kept them at bay. Kevin Durant was unable to play due to an injury which also may have added to the Warrior's loss.

The Raptors end their first final appearance with a win. Of course, Drake was there celebrating the team win and even getting in a little bit of trouble with the Warriors. Drake wore a Raptors Dell Curry jersey which Steph Curry seemed to enjoy. He also got into a courtside exchange with Draymond Green which seemed to get heated.

The second game was still in Toronto and the Raptors seemed to be keeping the momentum until the third quarter. The Warriors outscored them by 13 points in the quarter, but the game was far from done. The last quarter was a mad dash for points as the Raptors tried to keep possession while the Warriors were trying to run the time. The Warriors prevailed and the score was 109-104. Drake was not as pompous as he was in game one and the curse seems to be chasing him.

The next two games will take place in Oakland giving the Warriors the home advantage that really makes a difference. However, Klay Thompson is injured, but Kevin Durant may make a comeback. The Raptors will really have to play at full effort for the next two games if they want to win. They're guaranteed have one more game at home if the Warriors win the next two.

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