Remaining Bachelor Contestants: Power Rankings

To preface this article, I would like to say that I am by no means a regular to "The Bachelor" however, I am enthralled in this season.

#4 Victoria F.

This may come as a shock to many but hear me out. Victoria F. was a very strong contestant coming into this week and likely still Peter's favorite before this week's episode. There still were so many question marks surrounding her. Every time she and Peter went on a 1 on 1, she would end up leaving. Victoria F. is basically having an unprovoked mental breakdown right before our very eyes. There are too many variables between her and Peter's relationship and that's why she belongs in the number four spot.

#3 Kelsey

Simply put, Kelsey is the lesser of two evils. Between her and Victoria F., one has to be in the third spot, and I have stronger feelings towards Victoria F. so the third spot is where Kelsey is going to be.

#2 Hannah Ann

Coming in at number 2, Hannah Ann. All things considered, Hannah Ann has a real shot at being the number one. However, I just have a feeling that Peter doesn't feel the same way about her. On last week's episode, she wrote a list of all the things that she loved about Peter, and by the way that he reacted to that, there was no way to tell if he felt the same way about her. He has had questions about her before because she is the youngest remaining contestant. She is one of American's favorite, but not Peter's.

#1 Madison

At number one, Madison stands alone. It is so obvious how Peter feels about Madison, and from what I can tell, Madison feels the same way. Madison was the very first 1 on 1 this season and that means something. He also is the only girl he admitted to being in love with so far. In my opinion, bearing any horrific incidents involving family during the home visits next week, Madison will be with Peter in the end. Madison tops the list before home visits, and she might stay there from now on.

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