Captiosus was wandering around the camp when he wandered a little too far and found a towering wall of rock, and found himself wondering if that is where Draco the Legendary Dragon lived. The elders had tried their best to convince him that Draco was just a legend but Captiosus still could not help but think that Draco was more than a legend, that he really was sitting on the top of the rock watching over them all and protecting them from anything that could harm them. As he sat there gazing upon the rock, he decided now was as great a time as any to try to see what his power was, if he was the next Voler.

He starts with lowering his back feet and tail to the ground, bouncing back and forth on each foot, like a cat preparing to pounce. He jumps! And jumps so high! He pulls his wings out and soars higher than he thought imaginable! He thinks he sees the top but then... he starts to go lower, closer to the ground. He lifts his wings and beats them down trying to fly higher up but he no longer has the strength so he soars back down to the ground. As he stands back on the ground he lowers his wings in disappointment and sadness. He never loses hope though, for the next couple of days he tries to fly to the top. One day he finally makes it! He makes it all the way to the top! He finds what he thinks to be a dragon's home... he slowly creeps toward it when he sees a dragon of enormous size that came out into the sunlight and stretched. In amazement, Captiosus looks at the dragon before him.


"Why hello there young one," Draco said to the young dragon standing in front of him.

"H-h-hello," replied Captiosus, "are you the dragon everyone calls Draco?"

"Yes, yes I am. I am the Draco the Legendary Dragon, the last living Voler, that is, until now."

"You think I am another Voler?"

"Well how else did you get up this far? No regular dragon can fly up this high, you have to possess the Voler ability to make it up this high."

"The elders mentioned something about that."

"The elders are wiser than you will ever think they are."

"They always told me that too..."

"What else have they told you?"

"They told me that you were always just a legend, that you were never real. I can see now that they were wrong about that."

"Yes they are but you can't be upset with them about that. My legend was lost long ago and I chose to accept that. Many people will see and believe what they want to believe, even if it's not true, and sometimes you have to choose to accept that because that can be your truth."

"I never really thought about it that way."

"This is why I am the old and wise one," Draco said as he jokingly nudged Captiosus on the shoulder.

"Mr. Draco--"

"Please, just call me Draco."

"Okay. Draco, could you teach me how to be a Voler like you?"

"I thought you would never ask. It would be my honor."

... to be continued...