For months I had resisted the call of Tinder, despite constant reassurances from my friends that it was honestly a fun thing to use. I had my own reservations. While it's easy to share pictures with friends on other social media apps, the thought of trying to sell my image within a few pictures and a bio was unnerving to me. I was scared that my short description wouldn't be witty enough. That my pictures wouldn't be pretty enough. That I wouldn't be enough.

Fast forward to me 10 minutes after making an account and my hesitancy had disappeared. Using Tinder is slowly becoming one of my favorite pastimes. Swiping left or right has almost become a game in my eyes. Sitting with friends, giggling over the screen, as we debate the fate of whoever has managed to turn up on my screen seems like a necessary bonding experience. Each hilarious bio brightens my day as I find myself laughing over the jokes people have managed to write in only a few characters. The best part about the app, though, is the lack of accountability. Matching with someone does not ensure a guaranteed conversation. Better yet, it doesn't even include a guaranteed meeting.

For the most part, the people on Tinder will be total strangers to you. You don't owe them anything. While receiving a cheesy pickup line can be fun, there is never a responsibility placed upon you to answer if you don't want to. I appreciate the abundance of control granted by the app. I also appreciate the self-validation I receive each time I match with someone, but that's another story. Downloading Tinder can be a great thing to do during the first week of college. While there will be an abundance of people looking to hook up and power to you if you're in the market for that. There will also be people looking to start intriguing conversations which can span from music to memes. It's a great way to meet new people, especially if you end up moving to a new city farther from where you grew up.

Diving headfirst into the unknown can sometimes be rewarding. In my case, it has been. While I cannot speak for everybody, I do think the app is quite harmless and can be an enjoyable way to spend your time. This article is definitely not sponsored, but wouldn't it be cool if it was.