When In Doubt, God Will Provide
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When In Doubt, God Will Provide

As Christians, we should not worry of the future. Our doubt steers our faith away from Christ.

When In Doubt, God Will Provide
Brianna Duncan

As 2017 comes to an end, I have had time to reflect on God's grace has done for me. His endless love endlessly provided just as his word promised. I stressed and worried about so many obstacles that were rolling my way in the past 365 days. Despite drowning in worry and doubt, God paved the future out in front of me. I just want to give someone some hope and trust in God by writing this, he truly does provide.

In December of 2016, something in my gut (which I now know WHO) told me to put in my housing deposit at The University of Alabama. Reluctantly, I texted my future roommate to tell her I am paying my deposits. Previously, I planned to attend a much smaller, private, Methodist church. This school offered me a spot on their majorette line, a five-digit scholarship, and it was very close to my home. Still, something in my gut told me "No, you don't want to do this." I hesitantly paid my fees with no chance of being a majorette, no scholarships, and a two-hour drive.

This leap of faith was just the beginning of some amazing things.

Soon after, I received an email that stated I was in the second round for a scholarship for first-generation students. I tried not to get too expectant and sent the paperwork back immediately. A month or so later, I got a call saying I made it to the interview process, and twelve students would be chosen for the scholarship. I interviewed, along with fifty other students, and waited not-so-patiently for the call back. I got the call and immediately told mom. She looked at me and said, "You know, last Sunday, Pastor told us not to worry about the future and that God with provide."

Talk about chills.

I arrived at school. I was excited to meet new people and gain friends and start a new life. However, what I experienced was the exact opposite. I struggled to find friends. I was not at home anymore. Everyone was so different, and in my dorm, mean to me. I was the non-greek girl in the ALL greek dorm. My first week of classes, I even heard my neighbor over the phone in the bathroom talking to someone about how she did not want to meet me because I was not in a sorority. I was so desperate to fit in, I tried to join a sorority myself. The girls were great, but I was not sure if I was ready for such a commitment. I fell into a state of loneliness, and sadness. Some days, it took so much of me to even get out of bed.

Soon, I remembered learning of my local Methodist student center, The Wesley Foundation. As soon as I walked in the door I was so welcomed. I finally had friends! These amazing people immediately talked to me, became my family, and God answered my prayers.

Lets fast forward a bit.

I had begun stressing relentlessly about my housing for the next three years. Apartments were so overpriced, and I was worried about affording them. I went to an information meeting about becoming an RA. Not only was the pay extremely low, but I had an enormous chance of not going home during the holidays, as well as missing church. I looked at so many apartments. The locations I could afford were not safe, or they had extremely bad reviews. At the time I had been reluctant to go to Wesley because I was so busy. However, one night I made myself go and my friend asked if I had found somewhere to live. I promptly replied "No" , and explained my situation. She then looked at me and said: Do you think your parents would let you room with me? If my parents bought a house and we split rent?

The heavy burden of my biggest stress had been lifted from my shoulders.

I was so elated and thankful I was smiling and shaking all night. I knew that God really could provide so much for me.

"And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus." — Phil. 4:19
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