3 Features to Look for in the Double DIN Head Units
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3 Features of the Double DIN Head Unit

A new double DIN head unit can be the way to upgrade the media system of a car. It can come under various designs with various features. The list is long for the double DIN head unit. However, a few characteristics are worth considering above all.

3 Features of the Double DIN Head Unit

Brightness control

One of the most undervalued characteristics to consider comes with brightness control. It is not a complicated feature but it is still not available in many double DIN head units. But having the ability to diminish the brightness can actually be considered as a safety feature.

With dim lights, the driver is not as distracted by what's going on inside the car, placing more attention on the road. For this reason, it is important to keep an eye on brightness adjustment. The function is normally adjusted inside the menus. But in rare cases, it can also come with a physical control button, which is recommended for faster adjustments.


USB connectivity is still one of the best methods to transfer data to the double DIN head unit. Although Bluetooth connectivity is also valuable, it may not be as reliable as USB connectivity. In most situations, it is recommended to use USB data transfer to also keep an eye on the road. Selecting new songs to form the smartphone is actually deterring the attention of the driver from the road.

USB connectivity can also come with impressive audio quality. Unlike the audio quality from the radio, which may as well be HD quality, USB audio quality is superior. In many cases, the audio quality improvement is at the root of the double DIN head unit upgrade.


SD cards

SD memory cards have evolved considerably over the years. They have are now faster, more durable and better suited for quality audio data transfer. Many double-DIN head units come with included SD card readers. For this reason, they are recommended for a large number of audio files. At the same time, they can work for another type of data, such as maps.

Double DIN head units are also recommended for other functions, such as answering the phone. But it is important to look for the basic characteristics which can simplify the life behind the wheel and make the most out of the entertainment options.


The best double DIN head unit is often the one which works well from the user's perspective. Most users want solutions which are intuitive and easy to use as a result. The market is filled with sub-standard double DIN detachable face head units. From poorly working remote

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