Dual Citizenship: An Issue To Be settled In Haiti.
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Dual Citizenship: An Issue To Be settled In Haiti.

Haiti is the Israel of Haitians living abroad.

Dual Citizenship: An Issue To Be settled In Haiti.
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An open letter regarding the dual citizenship addressed to Jovenel Moise, president of the Republic of Haiti.

Dear President Moise,

The irrepressible desire of Haitians living abroad is the dual citizenship. To that effect, I have the honor to solicit your assistance in proposing a legislation in support of it. This bill, once become law, will bring tremendous benefits to Haiti.

As you know, President Moise, it takes the collective participation of all Haitians to move Haiti forward. In this context, our motto, “Unity is strength,” displays a practical imperative and the dual citizenship a gigantic pillar in the reconstruction and in the progress of our country.

For example, many developed countries like the United States, England, Australia and South America have legalized dual citizenship. That initiative goes well for them. Likewise, the promulgation of such a law in Haiti would be a significant step forward, based on the reality in the country.

“The dual citizenship, in my opinion, is the emergence of a cultural, social and economic rebirth throughout Haiti,” Edens Bateau, Ex-PNH-CIMO (SWAT TEAM).

The legalization of the dual nationality would benefit Haiti in terms of taxation, investments and the versatility of professional Haitians coming from overseas. On the other hand, the dual nationals would also benefit from that law home ownership, access to the social service systems, the right to work, to carry two passports, to vote and to be able to run for office, etc.

We, Haitians, are a unique people because of our history and our culture. Whether we become naturalized citizens of any major countries, we always keep in us the Haitian originality in our own right. Decades ago, we left Haiti en masse for other countries in search of a better life, but Haiti never left us. It is our homeland and our Israel.

Like the Jews, the Haitians living abroad always dream of coming home if the dual nationality allows them to enjoy the rights and privileges of the land as it is the case in countries with a similar law.

President Moise, the dual nationality, once become law, will represent an investment in the social and economic future of the country. The Haitians of the 10th department (as often being referred to) kindly ask you to help make this request a bill that will, indeed, become the law of the land. In short, your attention and your leadership on this matter prove to be crucial in achieving the final passage of this piece of legislation.

Please receive in my name, President Moise, the anticipated thanks from your brothers and sisters abroad. In the expectation of your prompt and favorable response, I am presenting my sincere gratitude to you.


Hubert Odias

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