The Do's And Don'ts Of Speaking To Abuse Survivors

The Do's And Don'ts Of Speaking To Abuse Survivors

"I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become." -Carl Jung


1. Things will get better

2. Your strength and courage is inspiring

3. Your fears are not irrational

4. You're not overreacting

5. You are loved

6. I'm proud of you

7. I recognize how hard you're working

8. You're not a burden

9. I enjoy your company

10. I'm always here for support

11. You're safe

12. I believe you

13. You're worthy of love and respect

14. It's not your fault

15. Your past does not define you

16. It's okay to not be okay


1. Get over it

2. Stop playing the victim

3. Toughen up

4. You're just being dramatic

5. Don't be so irrational

6. Why are you still letting it bother you?

7. You'll never get better with an attitude like that

8. You're acting crazy

9. I doubt it was as bad as you say

10. Why didn't you just tell someone?

11. You could have fought back, you know

12. Well, the past is the past

13. I'm sure others had it worse than you

14. How did you let it get that bad?

15. Quit being so negative, look at the positives

16. You'll get over it quicker if you just stop talking about it

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