5 Things Every Underclassman Must Do To Survive 'Dorm Life'

5 Things Every Underclassman Must Do To Survive 'Dorm Life'

New beginnings but still the same mess of a human, what's new?


It has been almost a month since I have begun my real college dorm experience and it has been already filled with some great friends, memories, and yes even a few unfavorable situations. Yet, I can honestly say that I am blessed that I can actually call my dorm room my second home since I have gotten extremely lucky with both my roommates and my floor mates that I have met.

Entering a new school is not always easy as you have to learn and become accustomed to new environments that are completely out of your comfort zone and brand new, which can get overwhelming as hell.

Here are some tips I have learned in just my short time in the dorms:

1.Rethink what you bring and how much you bring


Even if you don't get to go home often, really look through your closet and see what you KNOW you will wear and wear often. Don't assume you're gonna get to wear all of your wardrobes because you won't. Limit yourself because you don't want to be doing too much laundry nor wanna pack up so much once you gotta leave the dorms.

2. Be a social butterfly


Since all of us are leaving our friends back home, you're gonna need to find that support from those who now live around you in the dorms. Participate in activities set by your RA (resident assistant) and by the school to get to know people. I used to be super introverted and lowkey still am but I love socializing and making friends. You never know where those new friendships can take you in any aspect of your life. Be involved because you only have a short amount of time to network before you go into the real working world.

3. Explore your new home away from home


Going to a school like UCLA is honestly a huge blessing. Los Angeles is filled with a plethora of cultures, history and there is always something to do. You don't always want to be stuck in your dorm or on campus. Not being able to bring and having a car while living dorms should not be seen as a major downside as you can rely on the cheap public transportation that can get you to all of LA. Parking is a major pain in the butt and with public transportation, you'll be saving money! Go explore DTLA, Hollywood, or Santa Monica with your roommates and/or floor mates!

4. Communicate EFFECTIVELY with your roommates


My roommates and I met on Facebook pages relating to our school. We talked via Facebook messenger for months and we were pretty much an open book to one another which is why we ended up choosing each other. We discuss any big decision among each other and we vibe really well. I got lucky but there are those who didn't which sucks. Communication is key in any kind of situation.

5. Don't party too much


My floor has some fun people to hang out with but remember, you need to prioritize school ALWAYS. Yes, have your fun and invite people into your room to hang out but remember GPA lasts forever. If you do party often, make sure your work is done before you can treat yourself to drinking and dancing till 2 AM. Also, respect your roommates if they're sleeping and you're coming back to your room late from a party.

I hope your experiences in the dorms have been as fun as mine. If not, I hope these few tips help you out!

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Every Time I See A College Tour Group Walk By I Just Want to Scream 'It's a TRAAAPP!'

The tour guide is good - they're just a liar.

It's officially that time of year - anywhere you walk on campus, there's bound to be a gaggle of parents and befuddled high school students winding their way through building after building. In front of them stands an overenthusiastic tour guide, spouting off statistics about the school so fast they'll make your head spin.

Unfortunately, what the tour guide says doesn't exactly line up with what goes on at the school. Oh, the things we students wish we could shout out to the parents as they pass by.

1. "You'll get sick of the dining!"

It may look like there's something new to eat every single day, but by the end of the semester, you'll be sick of everything except the things closest at home.

2. "I'm only here for the free t-shirts!"


3. "IT'S A TRAP!"

Seriously, part two. You get two of three things: a social life, sleep, or good grades. Whoever said you could have all three is lying.

4. "Welcome to the real world, suckers!"

It's got confrontation, taking care of yourself, and formal emails. (Which, of course, your professor will respond with 'k thnx bai' sent from their iPhone.)

5. "Say goodbye to sleep!"

There are three types of people on campus: tea drinkers, coffee drinkers, and people with energy drinks running through their veins.


Check all of your housing options before you move in. The dorm they're showing you might be the worst housing area on campus.


You're getting squat. Free tuition? Try the tune of $13k a year. Or more. Depending.

8. "The library is NOT the best study place."

Depending on your major, there are several places for you to study that aren't the library.

9. "The health center sucks!"

True fact: word through the grapevine is that someone once got antibiotics for a sprained ankle.You may as well sell that leg on the black market to cover the costs.

10. "Believe the roommate horror stories!"

All random roommates are horrible unless proven otherwise. (But be wary of everyone.)

11. "SI (student instructor) sessions are useless."

You will learn nothing . Chances are you'll end up correcting the instructor.

12. "The freshman fifteen is optional."

Some people don't gain it at all, and some people really gain it. It's up to you.

13. "You'll need a car!!"

If, for some reason you can't pay for the overpriced parking pass, find a friend who can.

14. "Hookup culture is real!"

But it's not for everyone. Just because everyone is doing it doesn't mean you have to.

15. "Campus jobs are a myth!"

Campus job? What's a campus job? Do you have work-study? No? No job for you. Have you tried the local coffee shop?

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