11 Quick Ways To Make Your Dorm Room Homey

11 Quick Ways To Make Your Dorm Room Homey

Living on-campus can have some of the comforts of home.

College life can be very difficult. Whether you are getting homesick, struggling with work, or having difficulty being independent, everyone has their struggles. The biggest one is not feeling like you are at home on your campus and in your dorm. There are a lot of things you can do to make that dorm room feel just like home.

1. Put up plenty of pictures

My walls are completely decorated with pictures of me and my family, my boyfriend, my friends back home, and my dog. It makes me feel better seeing the memories I have made back home and knowing I will be able to make even more memories when I see them again.

2. Have cleaning supplies

I don't know about anyone else, but I hate anything that's dirty. Dirty bathroom or dirty room, it's all disgusting to me. I have almost everything you can think of as far as cleaning supplies go. I even brought a vacuum and a broom with me to college. While I'm not the most organized person in the world, I do like things neat and clean and it makes me feel more at home when I can successfully keep my dorm clean.

3. Bring a microwave and a minifridge

Trust me, you won't think you'll miss home-cooked meals until you actually can't cook using a stove. Your microwave is the best you can do and you will appreciate having a minifridge with a small freezer because those tv dinners will become your best friend. I literally keep my fridge stocked with milk, eggs, cheese, deli meats, and other actual food items so I can make myself meals.

4. Keurig

Yes I know Starbucks makes the coffee for you, but you will thank me when you have used all your swipes for that one cup of coffee. With a Keurig, you just make your cup and go. It saves money and you don't even have to leave your dorm when you are craving caffeine.

5. Have your own set of dishes

These don't need to be anything more than some cups and small plates. When you don't want to eat at the dining hall those dishes come in handy for making a more convenient dinner option. They allow you to have sandwiches and anything else that constitutes an instant meal.

6. Bring a television

I mean if you are really stressing about not having all the comforts of home bring a t.v. Most universities have a cable hookup with tons of channels. I typically use mine to have background noise while I'm studying or watch HGTV or the news.

7. Make your room your own

I did this by buying wall decorations. I love the beach and mermaids so my decorations consist of beach themed items. I even have a sign that says mermaid crossing because I'm extra.

8. Don't skimp out on bringing clothes

You never know what occasion might occur. Bring those nice dresses and business casual items. You won't regret over-packing but you might regret not packing enough.

9. School and office supplies

One of the best decisions I made was bringing a printer, tape, a stapler, and a plethora of other office supplies. If I ever need anything for a project I know I have it. If I need to print something out for a class I have the means to do it.

10. First-aid kit

Obviously if you have medications you take everyday make sure they are in the dorm room but also bring things you don't think you will need. Band-aids are a big help, as well as burn cream and Tylenol or Advil. When you get that headache while studying or if you accidentally get a paper-cut you won't regret having those things.

11. Extra drawers

Yes the college provides you with a dresser but I can personally tell you it's not going to be enough. I have two extra drawer sets that I use to store my jeans, personal items, and then one that is just for random items.

Whenever you live on-campus, it is hard to make it feel like you are at home but there are ways to make it more like home. You are going to be there for at least 9 months so you just definitely make the most of it.

Cover Image Credit: Ashley Duke

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