Without my little lifesavers, my dorm wouldn't be the same. I hope you find some inspiration from these ideas :)

1. Essential oil diffuser

This little buddy comes in handy for any mood. Amazon ships "prime" and you can get variety packs of essential oils. Just pour water, add a couple drops, and BAM! I like making my own blends (like lemongrass and lavender for sleep) or using them individually. Sage, pine, "breathe," "happiness," and "inhale" all smell amazing, too. My Amazon pack came with a detailed guide for blends and uses for all essential oils. Some diffusers have sleep timers and night lights! Really a must have!

2. Shoe rack

If you're like me, you have way too many shoes to keep at the bottom of the closet...not like my closet floor is overflowing, per se, but I like to keep my shoes clean and looking fresh out the store. I bought a hanging shoe divider that fits perfectly into my closet, but because I'm such a sneaker freak, I don't have enough compartments! A shoe rack would fit amazingly at the bottom of any Nova closet and keeps your kicks out for display.

3. Command Hooks

Every college student knows you can't hammer a nail into the wall to decorate as you please. While I'm sure most everyone has figured this hack out, it still deserves an honorable mention. I wouldn't be anywhere without my Command Hooks. They allow me to personalize my wall space as I please. I've hung tapestries from the ceiling, lights on the walls, a burlap Wildcats garland I made, pictures, canvases...virtually anything my creative heart desires!

4. Keurig Machine

I wouldn't survive my classes if it weren't for my Keurig. I normally brew Donut Shoppe coffee every morning as a ritual. It's easy to fill, use, and clean...well worth the money and pretty self-explanatory why it's a dorm essential. If you don't like coffee, fear not! K-cups come in a variety of drinks. My roommate likes to brew warm apple cider and hot chocolate! I got mine from Target in this cute mint shade to match my room!

5. Lapdesk

Sometimes the desk chair hurts my back, and I'd rather prop myself up in bed against some pillows. When I want to feel especially cozy, I whip out my lapdesk and use it for anything from laptop work to writing to coloring in zen pictures. It's really saved me from having to lug out of bed. You can get one from Amazon Prime!