Having a room at college that makes you feel comfortable and safe is one of the most important aspects of starting your college career. With just a few simple decorations you can transfrom a small living space into a new home for the next nine months. Take some time to plan your room out and you could easily have the cutest room on your hall.

1. Lots of Command Hooks/Strips

Not necessarily a decoration, but you will definitely need these to secure your decor to the wall. ALWAYS buy extra because these sometimes fail and fall in the middle of the night. You'll also most likely need these because your university will not allow you to nail things into the wall.

2. Canvases

One of the best parts of being in a dorm room is the ability to make the space your own. The best way to do so is to bring some canvases to add to your wall. Whether you DIY these or buy them, you will want some type of wall decor.

3. Calendars

These serve as functional and cute decorations. It is easy to add yours and your roommates schedule and add important dates.

4. String lights

Again, these not only add a decor factor but also serve as a functional source of light. The dorm lighting is usually harsh and very fluorescent so you'll want some type of lighting that is easier on the eyes.

5. Jewelry organizers

Instead of storing your jewelry in a box, you should display your trendy jewelry for all of your homies to see. Try to find unconventional ways of storing your jewelry like putting earrings in a cute little dish or an dried oyster shell.

6. Photos with strings

Pretty self explanatory but most definitely a necessity. Having small parts of home with you will make your room feel cozier.

7. Cute throw pillows

You can find trendy and affordable throw pillows almost anywhere and they can instantly transform a space. If you have room in the tiny shoebox you live in, try getting a futon and adding some throw pillows and blankets to add another sense of home. Here's a picture of my actual futon with pillows!

8. Tapestry

Tapestries are incredibly popular in dorm rooms. They can change a plain old white wall into a great photo backdrop or just add some color to the room. Lots of websites offer beautiful tapestries for decent prices.

9. Cork/Whiteboards

Having a whiteboard or a corkboard can help you stay organized and can be used to hold even more pictures or memories. Your visitors and friends can write you cute little notes and post them onto the corkboard, or leave nice messages on the whiteboard.

10. Bedding

Probably the most important and easiest way to decorate a dorm room. They can add texture, color or patterns to the room with only one element. Having a duvet cover can be what makes the room more inviting and unique. Its recommended that you communicate with your roommate to plan what color your room theme will be and to coordinate your bedding.