There's A Way To Find Your Döppleganger Online
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There's A Way To Find Your Döppleganger Online

But it may not go as planned...

There's A Way To Find Your Döppleganger Online

Science has said that there are seven people in the world who look just like you. I'm not sure what scientist really said it, but I keep hearing this fact over and over again and again. So I thought to myself, is this really true? Are there really seven other me's running around the world? This feels like something out of "The Vampire Diaries" with all of the Petrova Döpplegangers, except now instead of being vampires, we're all just kinda chilling.

Recently, I have heard about a site called Twin Strangers. The site offers you the ability to find your look alike/twin/döppleganger from anywhere in the world (or as some guy in a comments section on Facebook said... IT'S THE CIA TRYING TO TAKE YOUR INFO!) I read a few success stories and failure stories and thought I would put this website to the test. Mostly, so you do not have to. But, they did offer a introduction video that sure makes this site seem promising.

So, let's see how it worked.

When you first sign up, it asks for basic information: what your name is, where you're from, an email address (since I didn't really know who all would get to see my information, I faked pretty much all of it. So if you try this site, I recommend you fake it too because I don't know who gets ahold of this information and also like that guy said... THE CIA MIGHT BE TRYING TO TAKE YOUR INFO!). But, then it asks for two pictures of yourself and then it asks you to start describing your face: what's your face shape, what's your eyebrow shape, do you have almond eyes or some other eye shape, what skin color are you, what kind of lips do you have, ect.

So once I finished filling all that out I was met with a list of my potential twins. And let me tell you... none of them looked like me. These are the two pictures I put on the site.

The type of people I got back in return had fire red hair, tiny noses, larger foreheads, smaller lips and so many other differences. Sure there were some features I had sort-of-kind-of similar (not really) with like maybe two people but none of these people looked like me. Maybe my seven people in the world aren't on this site or maybe it's a sham... (I'm leaning more towards the latter).

So in the end, I did not find anyone who liked like me, so, I deleted my account. I am still on the hunt for my seven döpplegangers. Do I think this site totally sucks? No, not really. I'm sure at least like two people who looked alike found each other on the site. Do I think it is a waste of time? Yes, most definitely. If you want to give it a shot, I would say go for it - but don't get your hopes up; you probably will not find your twin on it. The site is, happy hunting!

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