I Don't Want To Hear Your New Year's Resolution
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I Don't Want To Hear Your New Year's Resolution

Actions speak louder than your lame and lying resolutions

I Don't Want To Hear Your New Year's Resolution
Gretchen Rubin

'Tis the season for hot chocolate, freezing cold weather, and icy sidewalk wipe outs. But in a few short weeks, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts will be loaded with a bunch of bullshit New Year's resolutions that people put up for show and pretend to be doing something they aren't.

Don't tell me your New Year's resolution. I'm not going to ask what it is, I don't want you to tell me what it is, I don't want to see a selfie of you holding a glass of champagne with a caption saying "New year, new me."

I keep reading everywhere that people are going to change their habits in the new year, they're going to go to the gym more starting January 1st, they're going to start eating healthy, they're going to stop being so rude and selfish. Stop. Why are you waiting until the beginning of a new year? Are you just procrastinating it more? Are you just saying it so people will give you some attention for saying you're going to change something? What are you actually waiting for?

Time is a man-made concept that was created to constrict us to frames. Why can't you start going to the gym now? Why do you have to wait until the beginning of the new year to start getting yourself into better shape?

Better yet, why do you lie about your New Year's resolution? It literally means nothing if you're not going to execute on it. Here's an idea. Instead of saying, "My New Year's resolution is I'm going to the gym every day and I'm going to get in better shape and lose weight." GO to the gym. I don't mean dress up like you're going to workout, go to the gym, take a selfie, and then walk on the treadmill for three minutes. Put the effort in. You're already there so why not? If you're going to the gym to take a picture to put online to show people that you were located in a gym, but didn't put a workout in, you're pathetic. You're so concerned and absorbed with how other people are seeing you. If you're actually putting work in and doing something worthwhile, put all the damn selfies up on Instagram that you want, but if you're just doing it for show, go home.

The fact of the matter is that no one actually cares what your New Year's resolution is. Honestly. Because it's YOURS. Everyone else is too damn absorbed in their own life to actually pay attention to what you're doing with yours. The sooner you stop putting on a show for others online, the less stressful your life is going to get and the more you can start focusing on what you should be doing. For the love of God, if you want to make a change in your life stop using New Years as an excuse. Make the change now. What are you honestly waiting for?

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