Kanye West Says He's Running For President — Don't Vote For Him
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Kanye West Says He's Running For President — Gen Z, PLEASE Don't Vote For Him Ironically

America will not progress with Kanye West in office, sorry not sorry.

Kanye West Says He's Running For President — Gen Z, PLEASE Don't Vote For Him Ironically

I remember watching Kanye West give a speech at the MTV Video Music Awards a few years back. It was at a time when police brutality and the senseless killings of Black people came to light in the age of social media. His speech was moving and in the end, he said that he was running for president come 2020. Then Kanye announced that he was going to push his campaign back until 2024. It seemed like everyone forgot that Ye said he was hoping to be America's next commander-in-chief.

That is until the Fourth of July, when he tweeted this:

That tweet has over a million likes and certainly had people talking and not in a good way — except for his buddy, Elon Musk, who supports Kanye full force and, of course, his wife, Kim Kardashian West. I don't think that Kanye understands the severity of wanting to run for president is different than when he first announced his ambitions on national television in 2015, even if he is just joking and actually has no plans to run, given he hasn't filed any paperwork. It's also almost too late to get put on the ballot in many states.

If by some miracle, Kanye makes it on the ticket to be president — which, again, is very slim but it's 2020 and anything pretty much goes at this point — I am begging my generation from the bottom of my heart to not vote for this man to be cute, to be funny, or because you don't like Trump or Biden. You aren't cute and you certainly aren't funny.

America needs to move forward and Kanye West is not the man to push this country forward.

I need people to also understand that by me saying that I don't want Kanye West as the next president of the United States does not mean I am trying to break down a Black man's spirit and ambitions. I think it's great he wants to help change the world and says he can do so by being the president, but he's not the man America needs right now. If Kanye wants to contribute in other ways, he can become a person who wants to seek justice and reform laws and many outdated systems. Kanye can devote his time to other things to help America.

Kanye doesn't need to be president to be a decent and helpful person.

If you had asked me in my teenage years if I was voting for Kanye West for president, I would tell you 100 percent yes. After growing up, going to college, learning about politics on my own, and even living through terrible times right now, Kanye does not have my vote, figuratively or literally.

I sincerely hope he's joking.

We all know Kanye loves to joke around. But American politics and the office of the president is not something to be joked about. I mean, come on, do I even have to explain in detail why it shouldn't be joked about. So again, my generation and everyone who can vote, please don't take voting as a joke, this year or ever again.

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