​For Cupid's Sake, Don’t Get Triggered This Valentine’s Day
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​For Cupid's Sake, Don’t Get Triggered This Valentine’s Day

There's always love surrounding you even if you don't feel it.

​For Cupid's Sake, Don’t Get Triggered This Valentine’s Day

For many singles, they wish the one day that symbolizes love, hearts and affection would pertain to no one if it doesn’t pertain to themselves. From having my single and coupled Valentine’s day, I never felt sour either way. Enough is enough for people who do. There is far more to the day and you miss the point if you are obsessing over your lack of romance.

I went on a third date to a sushi restaurant for Valentine’s Day my sophomore year of college. He bought me flowers, we smoked and made out. Primo V-Day. But, I ended things with him shortly after. In all actuality, I wasn’t ready for his consistency and took it as creepy instead.

My junior year, my boyfriend at the time gave me crackers and cheese and we watched TV. Short and sweet; just like our relationship. I wouldn’t let him spoil me and I realized with time, I didn’t want to be spoiled by him, plain and simple.

My senior year, me and two girlfriends got together. We dressed up for each other and took quality Instas. Smoking in my car before Red Lobster was the perfect touch, to say the least. I had the Tender Maine lobster tail, steamed North American snow crab legs and some Walt’s Favorite Shrimp. It came with garlic shrimp scampi, but as a pure seafood lover, I opted to pay more for extra snow crab legs. We had a truly amazing time and made the most of our Galentine’s day.

Last year, as a postgraduate, I bought myself a pair of Gucci slides and went to the gym. My trainer worked me out and I came home with a healthy feeling and a beautiful shirt sweat. I had a relaxing afternoon and spend it re-reading the card I wrote for myself while walking around in February in my slides.

This year, I have similar plans. I have two Gucci belts boxed up for me with a card in the making. My parents and I are going to Red Lobster to celebrate. This year I’m getting the Lobster Lover’s Dream, rock and Maine lobster tail with lobster and shrimp alfredo pasta. I plan on getting a sugar high off their sangria while having an effortlessly good time with my parents.

I have had an array of Valentine’s Days and all have been perfect in their own way. You know why? Because Valentine’s Day is about love. Just because you might not have romance at the moment doesn’t mean that there is an absence of love in your life. The Valentine’s day with my two friends and my first post grade were my most memorable. There was so much love put into it. Much more than the ones I’ve spent with guys.

My senior year, I felt the love from my besties which is exactly what I needed. It was nice to catch up and laugh. We felt carefree and realized that we needed each other more than any ambivalent guy.

Last year, I was so content with the beginning of my exploration of my own self-love. I realized I needed to be there for myself no matter what and decided to with my regular routine and some luxury items. It was nice to stay healthy and do what I wanted. I even wrote in my card that it didn’t matter what I did that day. As long as I loved myself, it would be more than enough.

This year I’m continuing my trend and I hope you all feel inspired to as well. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, asides from New Years (I love new beginnings) and July Fourth (No matter what, I love America) because I simply love love.

I spread the love this year by writing some friends cards and gifting others. As I impatiently wait for my seafood and Gucci stuff, I reminisce about how much more love I have attracted into my life since last year simply by loving myself. It’s important to remember you’re worth no matter what.

The universe isn’t punishing you because you don’t have a significant other or even a half-assed bumble date on the fourteenth. Instead, open your eyes, make plans and be grateful that you are so filled with love. It doesn’t even matter if you spend it alone, with friends, with your parents or with some Gucci.

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