Don't Think Like A Girl
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Don't Think Like A Girl

Don't undervalue your gender

Don't Think Like A Girl

Girls are really bad at comparing and overthinking in general, but there are some things that we particularly overthink and should really not have too. Here are 10 things I hope makes you believe that you are just as valued as boys and that we shouldn't be ashamed or undervalued for our gender.

1. "I wish I could be as skinny as her."

Why do girls constantly find it ok to compare our bodies with other girls? It's a great trait to compliment and praise other girls. But everyone should be proud of their body shape, after all, God did not make us from one cookie cutter, but from many very unique ones.

2. "Those girls make up is on point, why is mine never like that?"

Every girl is unique and everyone has different skills. Comparing yourself is not going to help you or anyone else to succeed in life. We all have different skills in makeup, and it's always fun to get help from friends, but never feel inadequate if you can't do what they can do.

3. "That girl has her shit together I need to get mine together!"

Other people may seem as if they have everything together, but you never know what can be going on in someone else's life behind the facade. Focus on your journey and where you are at and where you want to go, challenge yourself and push yourself to be the best you can be. But check your intentions and where you are trying to get to make sure it's not based on someone else.

4. "Look at how much her boyfriend loves her and here's me norman no mates."

Being single is ok. I have honestly struggled with this a lot recently but it's ok to be single. Don't wish to have a significant other when you can have the extra time to work on yourself! The time will come and hey don't regret the time you have to window shop ;)

5. "Look at all the couples around here. Why aren't I taken? Maybe there's something wrong with me!"

Again I am talking about this because this is real life and I know the struggles, girls. It's always good to evaluate how we come across to others and to be able to consider other people's needs. Yet thinking that we aren't good enough or need to be someone else just to get a boyfriend is not ok. You're perfect just the way you are!

6. "If only I was a boy maybe they would think I'm strong."

Touring around Nashville and North Carolina recently, I had to lift many, many road cases. A lot of the stereotypes were extremely prevalent during that time, " go over and help the girls with the light clamps, the guys will lift those." "Go pull that light box over there." It only took me hauling a huge pole over my head until I got the nickname "strong arm." Then the boys took me seriously. Don't be afraid to prove that you can do exactly what the guys are doing!

7. "I can't hang out with those guys because people will think I m flirting with them."

Being friends with guys especially when you are single is more than ok, after all, that is how you find someone special. Don't be afraid to hang out one on one with a guy or to be close to guys more than girls there's nothing wrong with doing that.

8. "They won't accept me for that job. They need strong volunteers and well I am a girl."

Never let other women or men tell you or try to justify why you can't have a job because you are not a guy. We have come a long, long way over the years in getting women into the army, the navy, and the air force so don't underestimate your ability as women!

9. "If I go out and ask to play footy with those guys they'll laugh because I'm a girl."

Don't think that you can't get involved in a typical guy sport or that the guys are gonna treat you weird because of you're a girl. Show them what you're made of and don't be afraid to yell at them if they're not passing you the ball!

10. "Do I hug him? No wait, that would be weird because I am a girl."

If you make it awkward than it will be. if you want to give a guy a hug than do it, there's nothing wrong with that!

Unfortunately, we have created a lot of the stereotypes and beliefs from our own comparisons and lack of confidence in ourselves. Don't underestimate, compare, or tell yourself you aren't good enough, you are!

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